Personal and executive coach Keren Eldad knows from experience just how frightening it can be to change careers.

“I was once burned out and unfulfilled in my career,” Eldad says. “Then, I lost everything, or rather, decided to blow it all up: I abandoned my career, moved countries, and took the risk of finally taking a stand for my own destiny.”

The bad news? Eldad was unemployed. But now she had the opportunity to pivot — and build the business she really wanted to run. With the help of a coach, she buckled down and started making serious progress on her career goals.

Now, Eldad is helping guide others in their own career transitions in her August 4th webinar, Pivot With Enthusiasm: How to Get Out of Doubt and into the Career of Your Choice. In this free, hourlong session, Eldad will help attendees figure out what their dream career path is, whether or not they’re ready to make the leap, and what it takes to make a new venture a success.

“After turning my life around, I learned how to create one’s dream career, and how to build real resilience and lasting success,” Eldad says. “My mission has been to codify the process so that others can get happy, too. That’s what this series is all about.”

According to Eldad, the idea of pivoting has become increasingly common because of how rapidly industries and jobs are shifting, especially over the past few months. But embracing the need to pivot is another story.

“My current focus in coaching is to help people navigate their own pivot with the zest that will start their pivots on the right foot,” Eldad says. “In many cases, the pivot part is not the issue … but the with enthusiasm part — meaning, going about the pivot fully-charged and even eager — that’s not so obvious.”