A coworking space

Your partner for the changing world of work

The office isn't going away, but it will also never look the same again. Now more than ever, owners and occupiers are relying on you as their trusted CRE advisors. Whether you're building solutions to manage employees back to the corporate office, designing a new hub-and-spoke model, or anything in between, the Industrious platform is here as tools in your belt as you tailor the strategies that navigate clients through this uncertainty.

A solution for every need

Work from anywhere is here to stay, but it looks different for every organization. Our in-house experts are here to help you piece together a unique workplace strategy that adapts to your evolving business needs.
  • Remote

    Give remote team members a place to work outside of the home — and a consistent experience whether they work in Nashville or New York.

  • Distributed

    Quickly build a hub-and-spoke model that brings the office closer to your employees, making them feel safe, comfortable, and empowered.

  • Centralized

    Partner with our experts to design custom, private spaces for large teams that revolve around your unique brand and workplace needs.

Industrious gives us the flexibility to scale quickly in new markets, while retaining Pandora's corporate culture to attract and retain the best talent.

Our workplace offerings

  • An affordable way for companies to have premium office space, complemented with world-class hospitality.
  • We can design, build, and operate a workplace that meets your business' needs, whether you're looking for small spaces for individuals or a large HQ.
  • Let your employees choose when, where and how they work - while providing amenities and spaces that give them a reason to come to the office.

Industrious is the workplace provider of choice for some of the world's most powerful brands

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Pre-opening commissions
15% of total contract value on months 1-12 for all new US launch locations (deal must close within first 60 days of business)
Initial term up to 12 months (including month-to-month)
10% of total contract value on months 1-12
Initial term greater than 12 months
The greater of either:
  • 10% of total contract value on months 1-12
  • 2% of total contract value on months 13-36
  • or,

  • 5% of total contract value
2% of total contract value on all additional months with active broker representation
  • 10% of contract value growth within location on months 1-12
  • 2% of contract value growth on months 13-36

Pre-opening commissions

Initial term up to 12 months (including month-to-month)

Initial term greater than 12 months