The COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever — and that’s worth remembering. But it’s also a challenging time for everyone. To help you get through it, here are my top tips for staying positive and productive.

Decide that you are going to get through it.

The truth is anyone could make it through to the other side of the pandemic and even turn this moment into an opportunity. That’s not to say that everyone will, but rather to remember that everyone can. When you believe that something is possible, you’re able to think more expansively about how you can achieve that goal, rather than collapsing under the weight of limitations you may perceive but which may not exist.

Only try to control what you can.

We are mere mortals. A pandemic is a pandemic — it’s not something that we can control. Our best bet is to accept what is happening and focus on our response to the current challenge. Ask yourself: How can I grow? What can I give? And what can I learn? By focusing on what you’re actually able to control, you will not only be better able to manage your stress levels, but also begin to have a real impact.

Use this time to reflect and prepare.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the market fluctuations and onslaught of bad news, but instead, try to reassess where you are in your professional and personal life – including your relationships and health. For many of us, this pandemic has served as a wakeup call. We can all do better; use it as a chance to raise your standards. Even if there’s never another pandemic, there will be another emergency. By preparing now, you will do better then.

Bloom where you are planted.

If you’re fortunate to have a job and free time to spare, I think the best time you can do is grow. This is the moment to take that online course, hire a coach, read books, and travel in your mind with podcasts and documentaries. You will be far, far richer at the end of this period for it.

Let yourself feel your feelings.

If you’re suffering, remember it’s normal and understandable to feel that way. Be easy on yourself. For many of us, this is a moment of real fear and even grief. If you feel that way, take care of yourself and let yourself rest in those feelings until you’re ready and willing to give motivation a go.


I was supposed to get married a couple of weeks ago. Because the virus and shelter-in-place order in New York City, I — like so many others — had to reschedule my wedding. Sure, that was a bit of a pain, but I’ve still chosen to see the pandemic as an opportunity — a chance to serve people with the extra time I now have at my discretion. Do you part to spread hope instead of focusing on your own inconvenience. Serve others with anything you have to give. We’re all in this together.