Humana was seeking office space in Boston with flexible terms to support its rapid change, but that also fostered a collaborative and inclusive environment.  The search led Humana to Industrious.

If this were a traditional office space, where everybody in their own little cubicle, it would send a signal that we’re not an innovative, we’re not a progressive company, but we truly were looking for an organization in the space that was really conducive to sharing and collaborating and Industrious really seems to serve those needs.” 

— Beth Bierbower, segment president, Humana

The Humana team loves the mix of space types Industrious offers for different modes of work – formal conference rooms, phone booths for privacy, and casual, comfortable chairs for collaborative sessions.

…the comfortable chairs, the small rooms – people just absolutely love it. Its really important that we have an environment that really allows people to show up and bring their A-game to work and really be the best that they can be; the Industrious space has really just helped us foster that environment.”

— Beth Bierbower

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