When Jena Croxford and her co-founders decided to venture out and start Vim Collaborative, a creative planning agency, they wanted a work environment to match the innovative and synergistic nature of their business.

The Problem

Having worked in larger organizations, Jena understood the value of community and set out to find a workspace that would provide a collaborative and creative environment for her new company.

Jena’s Office Search Goals

– Positive energy and buzz to help inspire creativity and productivity in the workplace

– Beautifully designed space to help attract top talent and impress clients

– Professional community of members to cross-pollinate ideas, partner on projects, and generate new business

“We know the value of community and also being able to cross-pollinate ideas. We were really excited to move into a space with lots of other really interesting startups and also more established businesses.”

The Solution

“We love bringing people to Industrious because they can’t believe how great the space is. It feels like a treat to come visit our offices.”

1. Stunning design with an abundance of natural light and a sophisticated common area that fosters productivity

2. Professional environment to cultivate Vim’s business and host clients

3. All-inclusive amenities allow Jena to treat clients hospitably without taking away from time running her business

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