So you’ve become an Industrious member, now what?

In a new video, our Chief Commercial Officer Anna Squires Levine dives into the services, amenities, and flexibility that you get to enjoy as a member of Industrious. Anna covers the different membership types available, how to use the Industrious mobile app (available on Apple and Android devices), membership flexibility, and more.

Watch the video or, if you prefer to read, we’ve included a transcript down below.

Watch our CCO Anna Levine explain how to use your Industrious membership.

How to Use Your Membership, with Industrious CCO Anna Squires Levine.

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Anna Squires Levine, Industrious Chief Commercial Officer: Our business is making a great day at work. We spend all of our time trying to understand our members’ needs and then adjusting to make it better and better and better and better. I think that produces a network and a product that people just love.

We’ve got 200 locations in 10 countries all over the world. For the most part, when you’re a member anywhere, you’re a member everywhere. When you go to a location, you’ll find 15-20 different kinds of spaces. From a two-person huddle room all the way up to, in some locations, conference rooms and event venues that can hold hundreds of people. 

Maybe you have your own private office. Maybe you have a membership type that allows you to come sit in our beautiful common areas. Maybe you have a membership type that’s mostly about using our mailing address, but you have the option to come in and book conference rooms when you need to meet with a client.

We have an app. You reserve a conference room, it’s yours. Everyone’s on it. It is the unlock to get you into our spaces. It’s how you reserve conference rooms and huddle rooms when you need them. It’s also how you know what’s coming up in terms of breakfast, happy hours, and events that we’re running in the space.

You should feel free to come to us as your needs change and, “Hey, here’s how the parameters are changing.”

Your team is growing and you need a bigger office? Great, upgrade in the middle of your membership.

Are certain team members only coming into the office on certain days of the week? Reserve an extra office just for that day.

Maybe you’re based in L.A. and are traveling to New York for a meeting. Reserve a conference in that other city where you’re traveling. You don’t need to pay more, you’re part of the network.

We want every member here to feel like they belong. We want you to smile. There’s not enough joy in work, and I hope we can bring a bunch to it.