Ever wonder what it’s like to be an Industrious member?

Well short of joining and discovering the Industrious difference for yourself, we’ve got the next best thing for you.

Our CEO and Co-founder Jamie Hodari and CCO Anna Squires Levine recently got together to discuss our member experience and workspaces, and how we’ve refined both over the past 10 years. Watch the video below or if you prefer to read, we’ve reproduced a transcript for you.

Watch CEO Jamie Hodari and CCO Anna Squires Levine share why we put our members first.

Learn About the Industrious Member Experience with our CEO Jamie and CCO Anna

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jamie Hodari, Industrious Co-Founder and CEO: You might walk into a very fine hotel and feel like, Ahhh, this is great. I feel super comfortable. It’s not that common to walk into an office and feel like, Ahhh. When we nail it, people feel it because it’s that special. The highest order version of creating workplaces where people feel they belong is also a community they feel that they can connect to.

Anna Squires Levine, Industrious CCO: We have our own point of view about what welcoming looks like and means. We’ll know your name when you walk in. We’ll introduce you by name to other people. We’ll know about your life, ask you about it, and genuinely care what the answer is. 

Hodari: The functional design should be very focused on spaces where you feel like you can be productive. Where you can move around to whatever types are perfectly fit for the type of work you’re doing, so you’re able to spend the maximum amount of your focus and energy empowered to do great work.

Levine: We have spent 10 years figuring out, How do you make each day great for the same people? I was talking to a member the other day who was sitting in one of our locations doing a puzzle. She told me, “I used to be a puzzler and then I dropped it during the pandemic cause I was over-puzzled. Now I’m back at Industrious and every day I sit here for half an hour and the puzzle. It’s actually helped me do better work.” I think it is an example of someone finding a really specific way in which they feel they belong. That’s allowed them to rediscover a new part of themselves, which has, in turn, allowed them to feel like a more successful person at work. 

Hodari: I got an email from a member maybe two months ago. They had started their own PR firm and they basically said, “I just felt like a boss. This workplace made me feel proud for what I’m doing, and it made this thing that I took a plunge to do feel so real.” If you can deliver these periodic moments of delight to members, it makes everything so much easier. 

Levine: I want it to be a treat to be at Industrious. It can be someone asking you how you are when you come in on a rainy day, or it can be having your favorite snack, or us doing something for your family.

Hodari: We want to create workplaces where people can show up and feel like, “This space gets me. I feel like it’s a reflection of who I am. I feel like it’s a reflection of my business. It reflects well on me. Maybe in the best version of it, it actually inspires me.” But all of that comes back to the sense of walking in and feeling like, “Ahhh, I belong here. This place is somewhere where I meant to be.