At Industrious HQ, we’re always thinking of ways to improve the flexible working experience for our members. Today we’re excited to share a new solution that enables you to access Industrious no matter where you are. 

Introducing the Industrious mobile app — your new destination for booking meeting rooms and desks, managing reservations, and previewing upcoming events at any Industrious location.

Effortlessly reserve a desk or meeting space with Industrious mobile app

Maybe you’re stuck in traffic on your commute and want to reserve a desk at your Industrious location ahead of time. Maybe you’re already working out of your Industrious site and need a meeting room to hash out ideas with your team. 

Whatever your need may be, you can reserve a desk or meeting space at any Industrious location with the mobile app in just a few quick taps. From the home page or the ‘Reserve’ tab at the bottom of the screen, scheduling your next great day is as simple as selecting whether you need a Desk or a Meeting Room. 

For desk reservations, you can reserve a seat for yourself or a teammate, see where other members are sitting, and monitor how many day passes your team has for the month.

If you’re reserving a meeting room, you can filter options by available time, seats, floor, and amenities to facilitate your meeting like TVs, whiteboards, phones, and cameras. You’ll also be able to monitor your team’s meeting room hour total for the month.

Experiencing Industrious events is easier than ever

With the mobile app, it’s easier than ever to keep track of when the next breakfast, happy hour, or pool tournament is happening at your Industrious location.

Upcoming events are spotlighted on the home screen of the Industrious mobile app, but for a more detailed breakdown of everything that’s happening at a location, you’ll want to tap the ‘Events’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

On the Events page, you’ll be able to see a full list of the month’s events happening at your selected Industrious location, and can even RSVP so the team knows you’re coming. Don’t worry, if something comes up and you’re no longer able to attend, you can always manage upcoming events from the Your Reservations tab located in the Account section of the app. 

As the saying goes, you have to work hard to play hard — but we’re hoping the mobile app makes it easier for you to do both.

The Industrious mobile app is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Stay tuned. New features are coming soon to make your Industrious experience even better.