It’s no secret that Industrious memberships come with plenty of perks.

There’s the endless supply of craft coffee. The daily breakfast — and afternoon snack. Unlimited printing. Not to mention the ability to use your location’s lounges, phone booths, wellness rooms, and wide variety of conference rooms.

But there are also other benefits to your Industrious membership that you might not know about. Here are three ways to get more out of your time at Industrious, whether you have a dedicated office or suite or an Access Membership that lets you book an office once or twice a week.

Make the most of your New York Times subscription.

Did you know that as a member, you have access to the New York Times online anytime you’re on an Industrious Wi-Fi network? Halley Marine, an Industrious member and Partner Enablement Manager at SaaS company Bluescape, says that the online subscription has been “a great way to get reliable news during a very unreliable time.” Marine has especially enjoyed the daily news email digest she signed up for. “It keeps me up to date on all the important issues going on in the world.”

You can use your New York Times subscription not only to stay informed about what’s going on in the world but also to get business and financial advice. The Gray Lady shares tips from small business owners as well as up-to-date details on the stock market.

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Work from anywhere.

If you’re traveling for business — or just because you can — you might want to check and see if there’s an Industrious in your destination city. With more than 100 locations across the country — and international ones popping up in places like Singapore — chances are good that there’s an Industrious location where you’re headed.

You can talk to your Community Manager about arranging to work from a different location. That way, you’ll have a home base where you can get your work done or meet with partners and clients. And while the location may be new to you, because it’s still an Industrious, you’ll know what to expect: A/V-equipped conference rooms, breakfast and an afternoon snack, a wellness room, community lounge, unlimited printing, and more.

Up your networking game.

Looking to expand your professional network? Start with your fellow members. At Industrious Fashion Square, member Stephanie Hockridge — vice president of communications for mobile power sharing network Juuice — was able to tap a neighbor when her boss asked her to apply for a grant. “It just so happens that the day before I met the guy in the office next to us — and he is one of the best grant writers in Arizona,” says Hockridge.

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Bonus: Bring your dog to work.

Many Industrious locations allow you to bring your dog with you to the office. If you have a canine companion, find out what the policy is at your location. You may be able to bring Fido to work, which can not only be a big help in terms of pet care but might also help reduce your stress and improve your productivity.

“Research shows that dogs make us feel calm and reduce stress,” says Mary R. Burch, PhD, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, and American Kennel Club Family Dog Director. “And there is some thought that [having] dogs in the workplace results in people being more productive.”

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