Great days at work don’t just happen.

They’re made — and at Industrious, no team has a bigger direct impact on members’ days than our on-site staff. So we sat down with Maggie Snow, the Community Manager for Atlanta’s Industrious Perimeter, to get her take on what really makes a day great.

Read on to learn what brought Snow to Industrious, what she loves about her location, and her secret to building strong communities.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised here in Atlanta, and after college I moved back to the city. I really wanted to do something that made a difference, so I started interning with a non-profit that helped women coming out of human trafficking.

That was a very heavy job emotionally for me right out of college. While I loved that work, and still volunteer at this same non profit, I eventually wanted something a bit lighter, and ended up taking on a second job at a specialty coffee shop called Chattahoochee Coffee Company. I loved everything about it — busing tables, talking to people, making drinks, discovering the science that goes into coffee, and learning all the nuances that go into the business, like how many cups of coffee you need to make to be profitable.

The ability to make deep connections with people over five minutes at a counter really spoke to me. You could tell that it made a difference in their day to be taken care of, even if they were just stopping by on their way to the office.

What brought you to Industrious?

I was in specialty coffee for about eight years total, and even competed in national coffee competitions. While I loved my time in the service industry, you work crazy hours. I was married at this point and wanted more stability.

A friend referred me to Industrious. I started as an Operations Associate at Industrious Ponce City Market, then moved to Industrious Midtown as a Community Manager, and then to Industrious Perimeter, where I’ve now been for a little over a year and a half.

In total, I’ve been with Industrious for about three years. I love that I can translate a lot of my business experience to this role and also have more time to build long-term relationships with the members who come through our door. When we take care of people, I can see how much better they feel they can be in their jobs.

What do you love about being a Community Manager?

I love having the ability to set the tone for the office and the community that all of our members are going to interact with.

I have an amazing team of Operations Associates. Together, we really do try to pay attention to all the details and take things off of our members’ plate so that they can be more productive, feel taken care of, and have a safe place where they can just be their best selves. That’s the biggest thing about the role — it’s about creating room for people to be able to really do whatever they need to do and feel safe and happy in their days.

How do you go about creating great days for members?

Everything we do here is intentional, from when we sort the mail to how the notepads look by the printer. There are hospitality standards that Industrious’ on-site staff upholds every day.

And then there are the communities we build with members. We become a kind of family — and especially because of the pandemic this year, that sometimes means being there for people during a difficult moment. For example, there was a time when we shipped dinner to a member’s house to help them out.

On the flip side, we’ve seen such positivity — like when somebody lands a business deal that they’ve been working really, really hard on, we’ll put balloons in their office the next day and pop open a bottle of bubbly with them.

How do you build such strong communities?

It starts with intentionality. If we don’t pause to ask how people are doing when they come in, and say “Oh my gosh, tell me more!” when they say that they got engaged over the weekend, then we’re not going to be able to build a community.

It goes both ways. My members know that I had a baby, and my daughter has become our mascot. It’s my second year of being a mom and my first year was in lockdown. I had a couple members give me Mother’s Day gifts this year; that was really, really sweet.

What does a great day at work look like to you?

Great days start with really great people. I love showing up for work in part because I’m supported by an incredible community: Our staff.

I know that my team is going to take care of me. If I ever need a day off, I know our space will get covered. Or if I want to laugh at something ridiculous, I know I can call our Community Manager at Industrious Monarch Tower for a funny story.

What do you love about your workplace?

I love how much light we get in our office. We have skyline views; it just feels open, and I love that we have two patios on the 16th floor. The design behind our space is so thoughtful.

I also love that we’re in the suburbs of Georgia. You just get a mixed variety of people. It makes it a fun, diverse place to work.