Beauty guru, public speaker, and business strategist Myisha Procter — or as she’s known to her Instagram fans, The Sequin Unicorn — recently spent a day with Work From Here by Industrious at Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel.

With the help of furniture from rental company Feather and curated snacks from New Stand, Industrious has turned select studios at Wythe Hotel into private, on-demand offices. Designed for teams of two to four, each room comes with individual workstations, high-speed Wi-Fi, private outdoor space, and a host of fun perks, such as complimentary digital access to The New York Times and the ability to order room service from Wythe Hotel’s chic brasserie, Le Crocodile.

We asked Procter to tell us all about her day at working from Wythe Hotel. Here’s what she had to say.

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What’s a typical work day like for you right now? How was being at Wythe Hotel different?

I work from home at a small desk that faces a window. My days are filled with virtual meetings, events, and collaborative connection calls. Despite working from home, I still eat lunch over my laptop and walk the dog while on conference calls. The day seems to fly by and I am often left out of breath and out of time.

When I was at Wythe Hotel, I immediately noticed a shift in the energy. The room was fresh, crisp, and clear of my familiarities. I sat at the desk and was suddenly whisked away. I was able to check item after item off my list. Then, I ordered lunch and sat outside in the breeze and actually enjoyed it. I felt a sense of peace accomplishment and I felt so proud that I got so much done. To be really honest I didn’t want to check out … but it was so nice to come home and say home sweet home.

How did working at Wythe Hotel affect your productivity?

I am so grateful for this experience. I felt I was easily 50 percent more productive than I have been in the past few months at home. I have always been dedicated and devoted to my work … but there is something about the shift in energy a new location [brings] — the quiet, the peace, and the ability to transition from indoor to outdoor …. [I was] free to clear my mind and devote my talent fully to my work — incredible!

Did changing up your space help inspire new ideas?

Absolutely! I felt immediately free to be more creative. Again, I attribute that to being in a new place, clear of the familiar energy of my home. I had been struggling to finish a chapter of a book for weeks — I sat outside and read it in 15 minutes. I planned out the content for two projects and hosted a killer brainstorm session with my team! I even did a small midday dance session! I felt so light and connected and accomplished.

 Procter loved how fast the Wi-Fi was.
Procter loved how fast the Wi-Fi was.

What was your favorite part of your office for the day?

I loved the layout, the large desk, and the incredible — and reliable — Wi-Fi. The breakfast nook [was great] for Zoom calls so you can get that perfect light. [I also loved] the cool refreshing space (AC!) … and the outdoor space. Though it was sunny and hot, there was a magical breeze that made it comfortable to sit outside and sip coffee, take a call, or read a book.

What else should people know about Work From Here by Industrious at Wythe Hotel?

We underestimate the impact a change of scenery can have on our mental health, our work productivity, and our sense of self and purpose. We have all been forced to stay confined in the same place for months on end. For so many of us, this has impacted us emotionally and physically. Even if only for a day, give yourself a change. Book a day at the Wythe Hotel. Watch how it brings you joy, clarity, and a renewed focus. You deserve it. Give it a try.