Last week, Laura Supnik, a freelance illustrator, spent a day with Work From Here by Industrious at Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.

Industrious is turning the boutique hotel’s rooms into on-demand offices for the summer. Designed for teams of two to four, each room comes with Productivity Packs curated by New Stand. “You’ll find a combination of sweet and salty (and healthy) snacks for a few much-needed breaks throughout the day,” says Jesse Smith, SVP of Partnerships at New Stand.

In addition, there are desks that can be converted from sitting to standing as well as ergonomic chairs from rental provider Feather. “Feather’s approach to furniture is all about problem-solving for city renters — needless to say, we’ve had a particular focus on WFH set-ups in the last few months. The items we selected for this partnership offer a blend of versatility and comfort that can be individually customized to fit multiple work styles; we particularly love our sit-stand desk which makes it easy to switch things up throughout the day,” says Kendra Ovesen, VP of Merchandising  at Feather.

We spoke with Laura about her day at Wythe Hotel — and why having a change of scenery was exactly what she needed — as part of our series highlighting guest experiences.

What’s a typical work day like for you right now? How was being at Wythe Hotel different?

During the past few months I’ve been trying to embrace some sort of schedule to feel normal. So even if [my schedule’s] not as filled with projects as it used to be (pre-pandemic), I try and do the same things at the same time. Typically, this involves working on a project or two, dropping merchandise from my site off at the post office, and getting coffee. 

Before COVID-19, I was doing a lot of in-person events, so constantly being home was a bit of an adjustment. Being at the Wythe was such a nice change of pace. Just to be able to sit in a different space and get a different view is really refreshing! 

How did working at Wythe Hotel impact your productivity?

I’m always inspired by a new view. I think it’s important to switch up the space you’re in and see new things, whether that means working in another city or a different coffee shop, or just taking a walk around the block. 

It’s also good being in a different location because there are fewer distractions. I brought a few things to accomplish and got them done rather than getting distracted by all of the things I have lying around at home.

Supnik’s desk at WFH by Industrious at Wythe Hotel.
Supnik’s desk at WFH by Industrious at Wythe Hotel.

What was your favorite part of your studio office?

Having a big window and an outdoor space was so wonderful. We don’t have a balcony in our apartment, but we have a park in the neighborhood that we try to go on walks to at some point throughout the day. So having access to the outside is really a game changer and noticeably lifts my mood. It was nice just to sit outside, plan out a few projects, and soak up the sun.

Did changing up your space help inspire new ideas?

Yes! It also helps that Wythe Hotel has such beautiful interior design. I loved everything — from the illustrations on the Brooklyn-themed wallpaper to the details in the rustic wooden ceilings.