Earth Day is a perfect time to rethink your daily habits so that you can be more eco-friendly year-round — both at home and the office.

After all, whether you’re coming into work everyday or twice a week, you’re spending a significant amount of time at the office. That’s why Industrious has a number of policies in place designed to help members be more sustainable.

Small changes can add up. What’s more, being eco-conscious in your everyday life can transform your mindset. You might soon find yourself making other environmentally-friendly decisions, like planting a tree, investing in a more sustainable wardrobe, or skipping a flight in favor of taking a train.

Here, four ways Industrious members can make more sustainable choices during their work day.

Opt for reusable items.

Single-serve items like plastic water bottles or disposable paper plates add to the planet’s landfills, creating additional waste that can take centuries to break down. In 2019, Industrious helped prevent 1.2 million pieces of trash from being tossed in landfills by switching from single-use to sustainable items.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought some of these single-use items back into our spaces last year. Since research has shown that the coronavirus’ primary mode of transmission is through aerosols, not surface contact, we’ve returned reusable items to our dining areas so that members have more sustainable options in reach. At the same time, we want to empower members to make the health and safety choices they are most comfortable with, so we’ve continued to keep single-serve cutlery and dishes on-hand in our kitchens.

Reduce printing.

Instead of printing out agendas or decks, take advantage of Industrious’ A/V-equipped conference rooms to present to teammates who are in the office with you or tuning into your meeting remotely. Afterwards, you can email digital copies to your team members, so that they have the document to refer back to.

When you do need hardcopies, know that at Industrious printers’ default setting is double-sided, to reduce unnecessary paper usage, although you can always switch to single-sided when needed. Designated recycling bins have been placed at or near printer stations.

Rethink your commute.

Driving has much greater per capita carbon emissions than taking public transportation, walking, or biking to work. Check with your Community Manager — or your workplace’s location page — to see what transit options are available near your office.

If your team headquarters is too far from home to walk or bike, or if the weather one day doesn’t allow for an outdoor commute, there may be another Industrious location that’s closer to home. Consider getting a once- or twice-a-week membership there or try out to the local team about visiting a different location for the day. You’ll be helping the environment and cutting down on your commute, so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy, and less time sitting in traffic.

Add a plant to your workspace.

Greenery is good for the Earth and for your well-being. Plants not only absorb carbon, which can help counter climate change, but also have been shown to reduce stress levels by helping people channel their anxiety and frustrations into something positive. What’s more, plants are beautiful — and serve as a constant reminder of why it’s so important for us to all do our part to help protect the environment.

If you’re interested in adding a little greenery to your work area, this article can help you figure out which plants will thrive in your space.