Industrious members can take advantage of all sorts of perks, tools, and resources designed to help them — and their business — thrive, from a daily selection of snacks and constant supply of freshly-brewed craft coffee to unlimited colored printing and fast, secure Wi-Fi.

Here’s one resource you might not realize comes with your Industrious membership: complimentary on-site digital access to the New York Times. Halley Marine, and Industrious member and Partner Enablement Manager at SaaS company Bluescape, says that the online subscription has been “a great way to get reliable news during a very unreliable time.” Marine has especially enjoyed the daily news email digest she signed up for. “It keeps me up to date on all the important issues going on in the world.”

If this perk is news to you, or if you haven’t really had a chance to dig into all that the New York Times has to offer, read on to learn about three ways your digital subscription can help you work (and live) better.

Stay informed.

It’s always a good idea to be up-to-date on what’s going on — especially this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 election, and other events continue to reshape the world we live in. The New York Times not only gives you access to the latest developments, but can also help you make sense of what’s going on across both business and culture. In addition to following along online, you can sign up for newsletters on a range of topics, including the coronavirus, politics, and business, and listen to news podcasts like The Daily to stay informed.

Get business and financial advice.

The New York Times has a number of business and financial resources, whether you’re looking for information on economic relief or have questions on managing your money. You can hear from small business owners across the country about how they kept their company afloat by looking for local grants. More interested in the stock market? Follow it live or go a step deeper; you can use the New York Times Portfolio to monitor the value and performance of different companies, funds, and instruments.

Find a new work-life balance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted routines all over the world. Fortunately, the New York Times has published a number of articles on how people can find balance with the way we live our lives now. If you have kids, there are parenting articles on how to reintroduce structure into your kids’ lives; if you’re looking to gain resiliency, you can learn how to build emotional strength; and if you just need to take a deep breath? Here are nine exercises to help you do just that. Plus, the paper’s At Home section — as well as stories topics like the 50 best things to watch on Netflix now — can help you make the most of life in lockdown.