Hello friends!

Welcome back to your monthly inside Industrious scoop. For today’s member question, I’m covering something that I’m sure has been bouncing around inside all of your heads: 

How does Industrious plan the exquisite menus for the breakfast, snack, and happy hour offerings served at the different locations?

To help me answer your mouthwatering question, I’ve enlisted the help of Sophia de Oliveira, the Operations Program Manager here at Industrious, for a quick Q&A sesh.

Sophia, what do you do here at Industrious?

I wear a lot of very fun hats here, but a big part of what I get to do is plan our centralized food, beverage, and events calendar every month.

You plan the entire menu for all of our North American locations?

I sure do!

Where do you find inspiration when you’re planning an entire continent’s worth of breakfast, snacks, and happy hours?

Calendar holidays, seasonality, and even our members themselves are a great source of inspiration! They share great ideas with us every day and remind us that inspiration can come from anywhere — an enticing color palette, a nostalgic memory, even a celebrity interview. Negroni Sbagliato, anyone?

Does every location execute the menu the same way?

Though the printed (and portal) menu will look the same throughout our network, the local teams at our locations execute the menu with their own special touches, and with their unique members in mind! Scroll through the carousel below to see how our local teams put different spins on things like lettuce wraps, popcorn spreads, and fruit and pastry breakfast charcuterie.

How does member feedback influence the menu?

We love getting feedback from our members! In fact, of all our member surveys, the most commented-on component of the Industrious experience is — you guessed it — the food! Tell your local team your dietary restrictions so we can do our best to make sure you’ll have something to enjoy. Tell us what you love, and what you loved a little less, so we can take it into consideration for the menus moving forward.

Thank you to Sophia for guesting in this month’s column, and thank you to everyone reading! If you’re a member, don’t forget to thank your local teams for putting their extra special touch on your morning/afternoon pick-me-ups. Keep those questions coming, and we’ll see you next month on Ask an MxM. Cheers!