May has arrived!

As the bees begin to buzz through the air, flitting from flower to flower (just like all of you, flitting from Industrious location to Industrious location), I thought I’d answer a well-worn question that quite frequently approaches me at the community desk: 

How do I open those beautiful, conveniently-packaged honey sticks?

This is a question I love to answer, because when people don’t ask it, they often end up using the scissors, which then become very sticky and cease to be useful office implements.

When I was a child and we received these as treats, we’d just gnaw on the ends and suck the honey out like rabid beasts. Once it’s in your hands, it is your honey stick, so feel free to open it like I did at age six. However, if you’d like the office-friendly way to open it, just follow these three easy steps. If you’d prefer a video guide, click the image below!

Click the image to watch a video guide to opening our honey sticks!
  1. Make a small 90-degree bend in one end of the honey stick, creating a tight, mini honey stick at the end of your existing honey stick.
  2. Pinch your fingers at each end of the seam of the small section. With the tight pressure you’ve created, plus the power of your strong, capable fingers, you will break the seal!
  3. Squeeze your desired amount of honey out of the open end of the stick, and if you get some on your fingers, make sure to lick ‘em because that’s good stuff right there! 

And that’s the way the honey drizzles, my friends. 

See you next month, right here.