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We’ve had a wild month of bingo, brackets, and all-around basketball, so let’s take a comfy little break together on my comfy little virtual couch. Here’s a cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thang). Here’s a tasty pastry from your favorite local bakery. And here’s this month’s question: 

What are the different types of memberships available at Industrious? 

I get this question a lot — and it comes from new members, multi-year members, and everyone in between. Industrious has a lot of options, and a lot of ways to move around within those options (hello, flexibility!), so let’s get into it! 

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Office or Suites Membership

Does your whole team ball (enjoy working together in a shared, collaborative space)? An Office or Suites Membership gets you access to our common spaces and all-inclusive amenities, with the bonus of having a secure, private space that is yours and only yours. It comes fully-furnished, but you can customize it how you like! You’ll also have automatic access to the entire Industrious network, where you can work from the common spaces during travel or impress clients with snazzy meeting rooms. Check out these links if you want to learn more about Offices and Suites.

Access Membership

Maybe you had a baby and your office is now the nursery. Maybe your roommate is a work-from-home voice actor in high demand. Maybe you live alone and are looking for some community throughout your work day. Whatever your reason, you need to leave your home in order to have your best day at work. 

The Access Membership grants you 24/7 entry to one home location where you’ll be able to work from the stylish common spaces, enjoy the coffee/snacks/programming, and reserve meeting rooms or an office for the day as-needed. If you’re a nomadic worker, you can also tag on the Global option, which opens up the whole Industrious network to your working delight. 

Learn more about Access Memberships here.

Virtual Membership

Sometimes, you just need a business address and a safe place for your mail to call home. That’s what this membership is for! The Virtual Membership gives you a designated mailbox, a professional mailing address, and access during business hours to retrieve everything that comes your way. Virtual Members can also book our meeting spaces on-demand, so there’s no need to worry about finding the perfect space for that high-stakes client kick-off — we’ve got plenty of rooms just perfect for the occasion. Learn more about Virtual Memberships here.  

That segues us nicely into our next workspace option — something that doesn’t require a membership to use and is available to people both in and outside of our member network.

On-Demand Meeting Rooms

Know someone that’s not a member (yet) but that needs some good-looking, great-vibing meeting space every now and again? Industrious now offers On-Demand external bookings for meetings large and small — with thousands of options to choose from across our national network. Send ‘em this link to get them started.

So many options to choose! And with our wide range of agreement terms (from month-to-month all the way up to 36 months), there’s an Industrious dream come true for each and every one of you. 

Thanks for tuning in to this month’s Ask an MXM. Keep those questions coming, and I’ll see ya in May!