Industrious is the first company in its industry to build an entirely partnership-based flex business model.

What does that mean? In a new video, our CEO Jamie Hodari breaks down how Industrious works with landlord and real estate partners, why these partnerships are more sustainable than more traditional leasing models, and how it all results in an unrivaled workplace experience for our members.

Watch the video, or if you prefer to read, we’ve reproduced a transcript down below. 

Our CEO Jamie Hodari explains how partnership a business-based model is more sustainable for Industrious.

Industrious CEO Jamie Hodari Explains How Partnership-Based Flex Businesses Work

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jamie Hodari, Industrious Co-founder and CEO: We have this really wonderful product that I feel very proud of, and the data backs up the fact that this is a workplace that people enjoy going to more frequently than the average workplace.

By about five years in, there started to be big differences in performance between Industrious, and a lot of our competitors. We were trying to decide what to do with that. We could use the fact that Industrious had these very good operating numbers to really push on hyper growth or something else. 

We are the first company to really build an entirely partnership-based flex business. We do management agreements with landlords where we partner to create the space, agree on some split of the economics, and then we run it jointly. That has been maybe the best strategic decision I can think of in the history of the company. Because we have that more sustainable business model, it means our customers know we’re gonna be around. 

There’s just no question that when people create an ecosystem by partnering with people who are the best at what they do, you get a better outcome for the customer than when you try to control everything yourself. It’s more sustainable, it’s more reliable. It’s because we really are playing for the long game. This business is going to be around when my grandkids are around. 

For most workplaces, I think companies will wind up buying their workplace at a subscription from a provider like Industrious. What I want is that the companies that care most about their employees’ workplace experience — the companies that are like I want to go with the best — every time someone has that mentality, I want to be sure that they’re picking Industrious.