With the summer weather in full swing, now is the perfect time to take your work outdoors.

Luckily, many Industrious locations across the country include outdoor areas so that you can make the most of the season. Head into the sunshine to get inspired, brainstorm with your team, or simply take in the view as you work outside. You might be surprised with the results: workers said that being outside improved their mood (74 percent); lowered their stress (71 percent); and helped them relax (69%) in a survey by L.L. Bean and Industrious.

Looking for a place where you can work outdoors? Here are three Industrious locations from coast to coast where you take care of business in the open air.

Industrious Sparkman Wharf
Tampa, Florida

Industrious Sparkman Wharf affords view of the waterfront and surrounding Tampa.

Newly opened as of this June, Industrious Sparkman Wharf offers waterfront views from most of its offices. But to breathe in the sea air, head outside to the 3,500-square-foot private terrace, equipped with tables and seating so you can get to work or hangout with your colleagues.

Industrious 594 Dean
Brooklyn, New York

In Brooklyn, you can work outside — or take a break — at Industrious 594 Dean.

In the heart of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, lies Industrious 594 Dean, conveniently set just a few blocks from Barclays Center. Its third floor terrace is the perfect location to take a call or enjoy the day while admiring the Brooklyn and Manhattan skyline views.

Industrious Downtown Glendale
Los Angeles, California

Mountain surrounds wow at Industrious Downtown Glendale’s outdoor terrace.

Love the mountains? Upgrade your Zoom background — and inspire some serious office envy — by taking your next meeting on Industrious Downtown Glendale’s outdoor patio, which offers the best of the great outdoors and the city by managing to overlook rust-colored peaks from its location in the Glendale Business District.