When work follows us home via email and Slack, it’s difficult (read: impossible) to separate our professional and personal lives. This blurring of boundaries can make it tough to optimize our hours at the office, which is why at Industrious, we’re deeply committed to designing and providing workspaces that prevent burnout and enhance productivity. 

While there’s no one simple solution to mitigating work stress and boosting employee engagement, there’s one office policy that can help a whole lot: dog-friendly workplaces. Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia suggests that interacting with dogs can help humans combat depression and stress-related disorders. Petting a dog for just a few minutes releases serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin — otherwise known as “feel-good” hormones — and decreases levels of cortisol, our primary stress hormone. Employees who feel less stressed and anxious at the office are more inclined to embrace their projects and collaborate well with their team.

Moreover, employees who are allowed to bring their dogs to work have reported higher levels of job satisfaction, and, unsurprisingly, a more positive image of their employer. Research from Rover, the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, indicates that three-quarters of employees who can bring their dogs to work are more likely to stay at their job. If employees sense that their company cares about fostering a supportive and positive work environment, they in turn feel more invested in the business. 

At Industrious, we can attest to the fact that allowing dogs at the office can lead to more positive and engaged workers. Many of the buildings we’re in allow dogs, which affords us the opportunity to further our mission of delivering productive workspaces. 

We recognize that even if you’re surrounded by people all day long, your hours at the office might feel lonely or isolating. Dogs, it’s been proven, can help alleviate these feelings: studies published in the Journal of Research in Personality and reported in Scientific American revealed that pets decrease our feelings of loneliness and encourage us to be friendlier to others. Moreover, these studies found, time with our pets helps us to live in the moment — which, of course, correlates to productivity.    

Industrious’ dog-friendly workplaces include:

· Industrious Arlington Court House outside Washington, D.C.

· Industrious Pearl Street in Boulder, Colardo

· Industrious 594 Dean Street in Brooklyn, New York

· Industrious Fulton Market  in Chicago, Illinois                                    

· Industrious Wicker Park in Chicago, Illinois

· Industrious Mass Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana

· Industrious Playa District in Los Angeles, California

· Industrious North Loop in Minneapolis, Minnesota

· Industrious Short Hills in Short Hills, New Jersey

· Industrious Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon

· Industrious Embarcadero in San Francisco, California

· Industrious Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona