Teams that offsite together stay together. 

In a post-pandemic era of distributed and hybrid workforces, building and maintaining team camaraderie and trust requires more intentionality than ever. Many of our corporate employees are dispersed across the country, and Industrious is committed to fostering impactful in-person collaboration for our teams. 

That’s why we installed budgets for team offsites once per year, where coworkers collocate for a couple of days to connect, grow as a team, and focus on solving bigger challenges together.

Here’s how some of our teams have already used their offsite resources in creative ways this year.

People Team Offsite

This year our People team made the trip down to sunny Tampa, where Industrious has a growing portfolio of locations. The team bonded with sessions designed to help build trust and learn about each other’s communication styles. They then spent time aligning their 2023 objectives.

“Our offsite was a great opportunity for us to bond as a team in person. We accomplished so much in terms of building trust and relationships as a team, learning about each other strengths, and creating a set of norms as a roadmap for how we’ll work together going forward.”

— Rachel Broder, Senior Director of People + Culture 

Marketing Team Offsite

Our Marketing team headed to one of the newest Industrious cities, beautiful Charleston in South Carolina. Their offsite sessions focused on mapping out and planning forward for the full year around creative messaging, content strategies, and performance & brand marketing initiatives. 

“The Marketing team has had a major focus on connecting with and activating on a more hyper-local level, which led to us joining the Charleston King Street ribbon-cutting ceremony with the team. We focused on learning more about hyper-localized marketing opportunities, redefining workflows, and bonding as a team… and we did just that!”

— Chris Baszto, Senior Director of Marketing 

Design, Construction & Real Estate Offsite

Our Design, Construction, and Real Estate teams also met up in Tampa for their team offsite. In total, there were 30 team members, and our executive leaders were there too to participate in the programming. 

Each team was able to spend some alone time, gathering to tackle what was most important for them going into the new year. The Design team held a day-and-a-half charette on what the future vision of design for our portfolio. The teams also enjoyed boating activity, renting small vintage motor boats and enjoying time out on Tampa Bay. The session wrapped on the final day when all three groups came together in our Sparkman Wharf location to discuss how we could find efficiencies and work smoother together. 

“I really enjoyed getting to know my teammates on a more personal level and we learned so much in our workshops! To be able to bring all 3 teams together, and work out how we can all work together more effectively was brilliant!”

— Jean Chandler, Senior Director of Design

It’s undeniable that these offsites have helped our teams build a greater sense of trust and belonging with each other. The bonds and relationships fostered across teams will no doubt have a huge impact on their successes this year — and we can hardly wait to see their plans put into action.