The Industrious team is distributed and hybrid in how we work. 

Because of this, we have to invest more intentionally in finding ways for our team to form meaningful connections with their colleagues. We created the “Bee Collective” to deliver experiences for the team with a single purpose: to help connect us to one another. These experiences are a mix of local in-person events, and digital/global experiences.

Our first event of 2023 was a particularly topical one for many! We invited Joann Park, former Director of Programming for Headspace, to speak to our team about the science of habit building and tackle questions like:

  • Why do nearly one-third of us give up on New Year’s resolutions by mid-January? 
  • How does my motivation style affect my ability to accomplish a goal or develop a good habit? 

Blending scientific insights with personal reflection, we helped each other workshop personal goals and develop a strategy to get us from goal-setting to goal-getting. 

We learned a lot about ourselves. We also left the workshop with a few takeaways to apply to our work habits and how we collaborate as a team.

A few of our favorite learnings included:

  • Building a new habit is hard. Have grace with yourself and know that starting small and starting over are both totally ok.
  • Know thyself! Understand how you respond to extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. Use that knowledge to personalize your approach to goal-getting in a way that maximizes your chance of success.
  • Find a tool that works for you. There are a million tips and tricks for making habits stick. From habit anchoring to applying the “SMART” framework, find one that speaks to you.

Stay tuned to our blog for news on future Bee Collective events, and other ways Industrious is helping to engage and connect our team!