Industrious recently hosted its first ever Golden NAOPies – an awards ceremony to recognize the amazing talent within our North America Operations team.

We are so proud of the work that ALL our Unit Operations teams do to ensure our members have great days at work, and we’re excited for this tradition to continue year after year.

This year’s ceremony was hosted by the coolest compere in the game, Derek Bastien (Member Experience Manager, Industrious Seaport), with a host of guest award-givers from across the company. Together this group handed out awards to Industrious team members who made a huge impact in 2022.

Read on for a breakdown of the night’s big winners and their achievements.

Dream Team of the Year 

Presented by our Founders, Jamie Hodari and Justin Stewart

The Winners: Amy Schwellenbach and Andrew Briand (St Pete, Florida)

Amy and Andrew increased member occupancy at their St. Pete by 133%, and had an average NPS of 87!


Presented by Greg Barber (CFO) and Anna Levine (CCO)

The Winners: Jessie Walsh, Nate Bolt, and Brittany Cala (FiDi, San Francisco)

This team generated the highest gross margin of any of our locations across our network!

The Cross-Functional Values Champion 

Presented by Sam Pessin (Chief of Staff) and Liz Simon (COO)

The Winner: Sophia de Oliveira (Brand Experience Associate)

Sophia was voted by her peers for her work as an amazing collaborator and partner to our Operations team!

The Closers 

Presented by Faith Espinoza (Director of Facilities)

The Winners: Orlando Smith, Isaiah Gaines, and James Jones (North East Facilities team)

This Facilities team oversees our highest-density region, and has doubled the number of tickets completed with our SLA timeframes.

Member Experience Associate of the Year 

Presented by Michael Weslosky (MxM, Boulder) and Vivian Pereira (MxM, Industrious Dedham Legacy Place)

The Winner: Kait Buchanan (Salt Lake City)

Kait hit 100% on all their Customer Experience metrics, maintained a 78 NPS average as well as MxM reviews over 85% all year!

Outstanding Performance in Visual Effects 

Presented by Jacyara de Oliveira (Manager, New Ventures) and Sophia de Oliveira (Brand Experience Associate)

The Winner: Emma Schultz (Scottsdale Fashion Square)

Our teams share the amazing food & beverage spreads they make for members in our Events Slack Channel. The charcuterie boards Emma crafts blow us away every week!

Member Experience Manager of the Year 

Presented by Casey Plastek (General Manager, South Florida) and Kris Rapp (General Manager)

The Winner: Gabbie Rimmaudo (Nashville Gulche)

Gabbie accomplished 95% occupancy in January and then held it at 100% all year! She managed two locations and a team of two Associates for four months, while also supporting Training and Local Marketing efforts across the business. More than that, she’s such a champion of our Head, Heart, and Hands values, and we’re so lucky to have her!

General Manager of the Year 

Presented by Kelsey Emery (Regional Director, Central) and Melissa Bessler (Regional Director, SouthEast and MidWest)

The Winner: Keenan Johnson (Boston)

Keenan and his team produced some incredible results in 2022, boosting revenue by a whopping 88%, all while maintaining an NPS score of over 75 across their entire region! 

The HiveTime Impact Award of Honor 

Presented by Gentry Long (Head of North America Operations) and lots of the Industrious team!

The Winner: Anna Bixler (Launch Ops)

To celebrate Anna, our team put together an amazing video to tell us how deserving Anna is of this award. Anna has been such an integral part of the growth of the business, starting as a Community Manager, before moving into the Launch team, where she now oversees all our new location launches. Everyone who interacts with her loves working with her and has become a great friend to so many!

If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to be part of the Industrious Unit Operations team, check out our careers page!