More businesses than ever are embracing the future of work and turning to flexible workspace solutions over traditional office leases. 

In a marketplace full of options, Industrious stands alone as the largest premium workplace-as-a-service company, with flexible solutions and all-inclusive amenities for coworking, private offices, and on-demand meeting space.

Thoroughly professional and thoughtfully-designed, Industrious workplace solutions deliver an unparalleled workplace experience for businesses that put employees first. 

If you’re an experienced sales professional reading this article, you have the opportunity to play a vital role as an Area Sales Lead, across our growing network in several key markets such as Chicago, L.A., NYC, and Washington D.C./DMV. 

Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how you can apply.

About the Area Sales Lead Role

Area Sales Leads at Industrious are responsible for driving occupancy and revenue growth across a portfolio of our stunning flexible workspace locations.

Sham Desai, Head of Sales

The culture of our sales team is at the core of what we do on a daily basis. Helping members find the right flexible solution to meet their working needs is what we do best. “

Sham Desai, Head of Sales

As businesses migrate to flexible workspace solutions, the choice of workplace provider is critical — and so is the quality of our sales process.

Leveraging qualified leads provided by our business development team, our partners at CBRE, and our third-party listing brokers, you will nurture prospective customers through a best-in-class sales process.  

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A Day in the Life of an Industrious Area Sales Lead 

A fast-paced position that requires creative problem solving and a strong attention to detail, no two days are ever the identical for an Industrious Area Sales Lead. But here are a few events that could fill up your day.

In the morning, your first meeting of the day is an in-person tour with a high-growth tech company’s CEO. She’s interested in a 10-desk office, and is particularly keen to learn more about our health and safety policy, as well as the speed and security of our WiFi. 

Lucky for her, you are able to answer all her questions on the spot and it’s a roaring success!

After lunch, you keep your eyes on the prize.

Your next meeting is with our listing brokers to review their pipelines. We’re about to open a new location next month and we still need a big push to hit our opening occupancy target.

With two hours blocked on your calendar to review your pipeline, you start by following up on last week’s tours to try and close those sales. Then it’s time to fill up your tour schedule for later in the week. Thanks to our Business Development team, you have 10 new hot leads to pursue — better make them count.

Once you’ve organized your pipeline — hopefully with a spring in your step after closing that big deal — you meet with the Community Manager at one of your locations. You’re planning an event together for local business leaders to raise awareness about Industrious and need to confirm logistics and attendance numbers. 

Finally, your day ends by meeting with your Regional Sales Manager to review your sales pipeline and forecast — and of course, to celebrate all your big wins throughout the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Area Sales Lead

Have questions about the Area Sales Lead opportunities? We have answers!

What are some of the most exciting elements of this role?

Take it from Industrious Regional Sales Manager Angel White, as an Area Sales Lead you have the freedom to make your own destiny.

Angel White, Regional Sales Manager

“You get to decide where your attention will be that day to drive sales,” White says. 

“That could mean doubling down on calling leads, working on follow-ups, meeting with a few brokers during in person tours, or working closely with your unit ops partners that day — all while enjoying member benefits like daily breakfast, craft coffee, and charcuterie on location.” 

And that’s just the beginning. Area Sales Leads at Industrious will also enjoy unique opportunities and benefits such as:

  • Ability to grow your skills and experience in a flexible real estate market
  • Experience with a fast growing start-up with opportunities for growth
  • Ability to network with some of the most prominent commercial real estate firms in the market (CBRE, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield — to name a few)
  • Fun company and team culture that is always welcoming, inclusive, and motivating.
  • Weekly happy hours, quarterly connection events, and team recognition to celebrate the creative solutions you bring to the table.

“We sweat the details to make you feel valued.”

Angel White, Regional Sales Manager NE

What are signs I’d be a good fit for this position? 

First and foremost, you are energized by selling and closing deals – this is what gets you out of bed in the morning! 

Some of Industrious’ highest performing Area Sales Lead have experience in retail and hospitality sales, working with the likes of AKA Hotels, Lululemon and BMW, which has taught them how to foster strong connections and relationships. Other high performers come from direct sales organizations such as Yelp and Doordash, and have experience managing large pipelines and high daily activity in calls and emails.

“The best ASL has a combination of the two, and uses previous experience in speaking toward products and conquering objections to find the best solutions for new members,” White says.

A few more signs you’d be a good fit for the team:

  • You are a self-starter, solution-oriented, and never shy away from a learning moment.
  • You think of creative ways on how to drive sales in your areas and know how to collaborate closely with those in your area to do so
  • You are confident in your sales skills and look to get leads through your sales pipeline swiftly and efficiently

“If you are a hungry sales individual that works well with others and loves having fun while winning, look no further,” says Industrious Head of Sales Sham Desai. “We are looking for sales people who pay close attention to detail, are creative when it comes to providing solutions and can own the sales pipeline.” 

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What does success look like in this role?

First and foremost, a strong drive to achieve key performance activity in calls, tours, and emails to create a healthy sales pipeline.

“I’m excited to welcome someone who is eager about closing deals, growing revenue, and being on a team that wants to crush goals,” White says. “If you are someone who knows that activity leads to fueling funnels and ultimately closes sales, I am speaking to you for sure.”

A few other key indicators that you have what it takes to be a successful Area Sales Lead are:

  • High day to day activity in calls, tours, and emails to fuel a strong pipeline
  • Maintaining an active presence in your closest Industrious Office each day to lead in person tours and follow up
  • Flexibility and the willingness to adapt to change, and quick to offer feedback on how to better our sales strategy
  • A drive for continuous professional development as a salesperson and developing subject matter expertise in the flexible workspace sector

Finally – communication is key. High-performing Area Sales Leads demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills, and an eagerness to get ‘hands-on’ in advising on more complex solutions for our customers

“We understand the way many people work today has changed significantly, so paying really close attention to what members are looking for when thinking through their needs is so important to us,” Desai says.

Where can I apply?

All current Industrious job openings, including the Area Sales Lead positions, at the bottom of our careers page. We look forward to hearing from you.