A large professional services company partnered with Industrious to quickly set up offices in new markets across the U.S.

Industrious established regional headquarters for the enterprise company in a custom Canvas Suite and used coworking spaces as local offices.

The company also had a high target retention rate, which it was able to surpass in these new locations.

The Challenge

The company’s goal was to enter a variety of markets across the country and get them up-and-running as quickly as possible.

In addition, it was targeting a high employee retention rate, which meant that it couldn’t sacrifice quality for speed. It needed to be able not only to quickly set up new workplaces but also create environments that reflected the company’s culture and helped ensure its employees had a great day at work.

Another factor in the space requirements is that its employees had a flexible work style, with most team members coming into the office once a week or for a few hours a day. The company therefore needed a workplace that could accommodate the days when its entire local teams gathered on-site while still being cost-effective given its relatively low day-to-day occupancy rates.

The Solution

Industrious was able to create a hub-and-spoke portfolio. A Canvas Suite served as the company’s regional headquarters, providing them with their own private entrance, corporate branding, and a layout customized to suit their team’s workstyle.

The spokes were created by leveraging Industrious’ extensive network of coworking locations. This enabled the company to expand into new markets in a short timeframe. Because Industrious was already in many of the cities the enterprise company was entering, it could establish local offices in multiple locations. On the days when its entire local teams come together the company can use the shared spaces within these locations to accommodate overflow.

The Benefits

The company was able to quickly set up workplaces that reflect its culture and space needs. For example, the expansion team wanted plenty of open areas, collaborative spaces, and soft seating for casual gatherings.

In addition, the level of hospitality and the workplace experience at Industrious contributed to high employee satisfaction. The company surpassed its retention goal, and its workplaces have also become an attraction tool for new hires, who often tour them during the recruitment process.