Because of its turnkey setup, Industrious was able to accommodate and support the fast-growing real estate technology company Compass as it continued its expansion across the U.S. 

Space is one of the key limiting factors that we see – knowing that we can count on Industrious to be there and to have space that’s really high quality that we know works great for us and our brand is really helpful to make sure we don’t slow down that growth”

— Pooneet Kant, head of expansion, Compass

Compass Washington loves the high-quality space, benefits and energy of being in a flexible workplace environment, and the inspirational views of Amazon HQ from Industrious Seattle – Downtown.

…more collaborative space, soft seating where people can casually gather – those things make a difference for how you actually live and operate in that space because we want it to feel like one company, we want our values to be up on the wall in all the different spaces that we’re in.”

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