We interviewed nearly 150 Industrious members from across the country to learn about their experience working from home and how they feel about eventually returning to the office. Here’s what they had to say.

The Challenges of Working From Home

Some of the difficulties our members have faced while working remotely include increased anxiety among their colleagues, the loss of social interaction, and the challenge of maintaining team cohesion. For many, the blurring of their personal and professional lives is a top concern. Others are struggling with the disruptions that come from being at home and with the lack of office tools and services such as printers.

Navigating the Return to the Office

Most members plan to follow guidance from state and local government officials and health authorities about returning to the office. However, they’re also looking to Industrious for a detailed return-to-work plan that helps account for their health and safety. For example, members expect to see enhanced cleaning protocols, additional hand-sanitizing stations placed throughout the office, and the use of personal protective equipment in shared spaces.

The Benefits of Working in an Office

Unsurprisingly, the majority of members are looking forward to returning to the workplace. Many named the return of normalcy, a renewed separation between work and home, and the opportunity to socialize in-person as the main reasons they’re excited to get back to their workplace. Others are eager to have fewer disruptions during the workday or to be better able to collaborate with their colleagues. Another reason they’re ready to leave their home offices? Many miss Industrious’ food and beverage service.