A.V. Perkins knows how to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Boring-old tote bag? Just add bubble-wrap and paint. Tired of instant ramen? Throw in some veggies — or try frying the noodles. The influencer and DIY expert regularly shares her project ideas on HGTV Handmade, an online craft series, and her website, AVDoesWhat.com.

Recently, Perkins took her upcycling skills to her work setup, swapping her home office for Oasis by Industrious at Wythe Hotel, a membership program that lets you work from Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel any four day of the month.

We asked Perkins to tell us all about her experience working from Wythe Hotel. Here’s what she had to say.

First — tell us about your work. What is it like being a DIY influencer and digital host for HGTV Handmade?

My background is in film and television. I worked in industry for 10 years in the set decorating department. Being a DIY influencer is a happy compromise between being in front and behind the camera. I tell people I became an influencer by accident but I’ve enjoyed myself ever since, eight years and counting.

What’s your favorite kind of craft project?

I love all things DIY, but upcycling is by far my favorite.

You’re also the co-creator of the card game University of Dope. How did you come up with the idea?

University of Dope is the first card game dedicated to hip-hop culture. It is not trivia-based but majority rules. You can play for points or you can play it as a drinking game — you choose.

The game started because I asked my business partner if she could name all the members of The Wu-Tang Clan … and if she could do so after having a couple of drinks. She said yes (I didn’t believe her!). We Googled in search of a game that we could play. It didn’t exist, so we made it up.

What’s a typical workday like for you? And how was working from Wythe Hotel different?

A typical workday for me consists of a lot of emails. As an influencer, I have to do a lot of pitching, negotiating, and content planning. I also do a lot of video calls with clients and brands.

Being at Wythe was different because I had a glorious view. Being able to see my old stomping grounds — Brooklyn Bowl, which I can no longer go to because of Covid-19 — was bittersweet, but fun.

Did changing up your space affect your work?

Yes, changing my space definitely affected me. You know when you’re at home, you’re used to being Zoom-call-ready from the waist up. The action of getting completely dressed for work certainly boosted my productivity for the day.

What’s your favorite part of your office at Wythe Hotel?

My favorite part of working at Wythe Hotel was that it was quiet. I got to just sit down and focus on what I am working on versus being distracted by everything that happens in my house …. I realized when things take me longer to do, sometimes it is because I’m distracted by all the other aspects of life.

What else should people know about Oasis by Industrious at Wythe Hotel?

I really enjoyed having the convenience of room-service coming right up to my door. I didn’t have to worry about the hassle of third-party food delivery apps or cooking. My meal came right upstairs and whatever [else] it is that I needed. I also love that I had a built-in Echo. I could talk to the room and the room would talk back to me. It was a great way to celebrate after a long day of video calls!