The Great Resignation. It’s here – and it’s shaking up companies everywhere as a record number of Americans quit their jobs.

While it’s easy to bemoan the loss of talent (and we won’t lie, it can be difficult for companies to compete when they lose top talent), there’s also some good news. Now is the perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself as a thoughtful, forward-thinking small business owner to attract and retain employees who will help build your company.

This article was co-authored in partnership with Sesame.

1. Provide health benefits at no cost to employees. 

Healthcare – like everything else lately – is getting more expensive. Last year, premiums rose 4%, with most families paying over $22,000 per year and most employers paying even more. And that’s before doctor appointments, prescriptions, specialists, and all the other expensive stuff.

Let your employees focus on their work, not their health care bills. They’ll thank you for it.

Everyone needs access to quality health benefits. Whether you’re leading a small business or mid-sized start-up, find ways to provide your employees with health coverage they can count on. The good news? Health benefits can be extensive without being expensive. In fact, new innovative platforms like Sesame actually reduce your cost and lower your employee’s out-of-pocket.

How does it work? 

Sesame works with employers of all sizes to provide free, unlimited primary care telehealth to your employees. These appointments give your employees access to top-reviewed doctors for any type of care, including primary care, dermatology, virtual dentistry, therapy, and beyond. Plus, your employees can get access to discounted prescriptions and labs – all paid for by you at only $20 per month.

Get in touch with Sesame directly to see how you can help your employees today. 

2. Create workspaces that prioritize experience and productivity

The happier your employees, the better your business will do. But what does it really take to make somebody happy (aside from fair compensation and good health benefits)?

When it comes to happiness and productivity, it’s all about the experience. If you want to keep good employees around – and keep them engaged and productive – you need to prioritize their experience in the workplace.

That means more than just making sure they have a place to sit, a computer to use, and an internet connection. It means thinking critically about providing an office environment that promotes comfort, culture, and community while recognizing the flexible needs of today’s workers.

Employees want to come back to the office – but in a way that works for them.

Employees miss the office, but not for every day – with fewer than 30% of workers saying they’d be comfortable returning full-time to the office. When it comes to working in an office, what it really comes down to for most employees is working in a flexible, comfortable environment that prioritizes experiences, like Industrious – not a stuffy cubicle in the back of an old office building.

Industrious is a flexible workspace provider that supports companies of all sizes and stages with dedicated and on-demand spaces such as private offices and suites, conferences rooms, even lounge areas. Memberships feature all-inclusive amenities (did somebody say daily breakfast and craft coffee?) and every location comes complete with a dedicated on-site staff and all the resources your team needs to do its best work. In other words, no worrying about a sudden Wi-Fi outage ruining your day.

In short, give your team office space adapted for the hybrid work environment so that they can get the most out of their space, whenever they’re there. 

Book a no-obligation tour with an Industrious near you and experience the difference of their flexible workspaces for yourself.

3. Prioritize employees’ self-care and mental health

The last few years have presented unique personal challenges to most people and have reoriented our thinking about the importance of self-care. 

That’s why it’s important to prioritize your employees’ mental health and self-care as much as you prioritize their physical well-being. Providing resources like mental health stipends, credits towards therapy, health & wellness perks, and a flexible office environment that supports collaboration and meaningful interaction with teammates signals to employees that you prioritize their holistic well-being, not just the work they do while on the clock.

Right now, helping your employees prioritize self-care is an act of generosity they’ll never forget.

As your employees return to flexible workspaces, don’t expect the stress of life today to magically fade away. Instead, embrace it as an opportunity to provide resources that allow your employees to prioritize their mental health and self-care. It’s an act of generosity that will help you stand out – and your employees will never forget it.