Today, workplace operators around the world have a new resource to turn to as they consider how to update their spaces, services, and policies to help their members stay safe and healthy in the office: the Return-to-Office Playbook: A People-First Guide for International Workplace Operators.

In April, Industrious announced the formation of the Workplace Operator Readiness Council (WORC) — a global coalition of workplace operators who serve million of members worldwide as well as a team of expert advisors — with the goal of helping workplace operators come up with new guidelines for minimizing the risks of spreading COVID-19 at the office.

WORC’s Return-to-Office Playbook provides workplace operators with a thorough guide to the decisions they’ll need to make in order to welcome members back to their spaces as governments begin lifting shelter-in-place orders. The playbook draws on lessons from more than dozen international workplace operators as well as guidance from recognized leaders in architecture, engineering, design, construction, real estate, government, healthcare, and public policy. WORC will continue to update the playbook as new information and best practices come to light.

What does this mean for members? A shared commitment to their health and safety as well as their success.

At Industrious, we see our enhanced health and safety standards as an extension of our core promise to provide members with professional, thoughtfully-designed spaces that help their teams thrive. Our updated layouts allow colleagues to once again come together and inspire each other while staying six feet apart; our national network continues to serve members where they are — whether that means enabling them to walk to work instead of taking public transit or providing continuity to a newly distributed workforce; and our all-inclusive fees now cover additional services such as more frequent and thorough cleanings.