Over the past two years, office attendance has fluctuated and employee preferences continue to shift between remote and hybrid options.

This has left workplace strategists struggling to answer vital questions with very little actionable data: 

  • How often are employees actually in the office? 
  • Do they prefer smaller suburban locations or centralized urban hubs where more people congregate?  
  • Would a network of offices across the country or a few key hubs be most beneficial for company performance and budget? 

Corporations need to know the answers to these questions to inform their workplace, location and portfolio strategy along with its companion budget. In addition to offering employees the workplace options they need to have their most productive days, security is another significant factor to consider. Not only do companies want to ensure their offices are secure, but that access is limited only to employees with the clearance to occupy each space. In addition, they want it to be easy and seamless for their people to access all their designated flex office locations—mimicking the customized badge access enjoyed across corporate portfolios. 

Introducing: SALTO Systems

It’s an Industrious priority to provide Enterprise members with the utilization data, security, and simplified access across our entire flex office network.  After listening carefully to our members and researching the best solutions available, we found that SALTO Systems provides the most advanced and reliable wireless electronic locking and access control smart solutions. We are excited to introduce this new tool and member benefit. 

Phased implementation will convert the entire Industrious network 

This touchpad access technology assigns individual keycodes to all team members, eliminating the need for keycards. Once implemented, occupiers can track utilization and eliminate the need for physical keys. Beyond access security and convenience, utilization reporting will be provided at any time upon request. To maximize the complete benefit of this new tool, our Customer Success Team is developing reference materials that outline the implementation schedule, sample reporting and all the information necessary to jumpstart adoption and use. 

The Industrious team is starting to update locations with SALTO technology starting mid-October and plans to have it integrated by mid-2023.

For more information on the SALTO rollout across our locations, please reach out to your Industrious account manager or email accountmanagement@industriousoffice.com.