Haikus flooded in

There were a lot about food

Snacks on snacks on snacks

April 17th was National Haiku day and we celebrated in the only way we know how, with a fierce poetry competition. March Madness showed us that our members love a competition so we amped it up this time with the ultimate prize: bragging rights and a feature in the member newsletter.

We put out the call for amateur poets to our members and they DELIVERED. 600 haikus later, we couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone up to our CEO Jamie agreed this was one of our most fun events ever. 

Before we get to the winners, here’s the master of sax, Kenny G, with a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a Haiku this year: 

Click the image to watch Kenny G.’s thank you message to our members.

On to the winners!

A true poet: The winner in the original haiku category

Time to be honest.

I know I came here to work,

But I stay for snacks.

  • Laura H., Vnzo, Industrious Downtown Minneapolis

With a little help from Robert Picardo, we wanted to say congrats, Laura! Along with a little dramatic reading from Star Trek: Voyager‘s hologram doctor.

Click the image to watch Star Trek’s Robert Picardo read Laura’s winning haiku.

With a little tech help: The winner in the Chat GPT-assisted category

Hummus fuels the hive,

Happy hour buzzes by,

Workplace thrives alive.

  • Elizabeth P., CR Advisory, Industrious Liberty Center

And because we can’t resist, let’s not forget a few honorable mentions: 

At Industrious

Where a case of the Mondays

Just means free bagels

  • Sasha G., Benchmark Education Company, Industrious University Place

Breakfast is finished

Now I only have seltzer

Until snacks are out

  • Titi A., Akili Interactive Labs, Industrious Seaport

Workplace perk, free brew,

Morning fuel, productivity ensues,

Caffeine’s gift renews.

  • Adrian J., Featured, Industrious Fashion Square

Shared walls, shared visions,

Ideas bloom, keyboards click—

Who stole my charger?

  • Laura M., Berggruen Holdings, Industrious San Francisco Financial District

Satisfying crunch

Buffalo snack mix so good

I can’t stop munching

  • Charlie K., RSG Specialty, Industrious King Street

Oh, time for my call!

All the pods are busy, damn

Hello bathroom stall

  • Brandy R., McColm and Company, Industrious 200 Central Ave

Morning coffee brew

Work work work work work,RiRi,

It’s time for a beer

  •  Sophia D., DTO B2B Research & Strategies, Industrious Uptown Charlotte

And that’s a wrap on our first ever haiku competition!

Who knew there were so many aspiring poet laureates at Industrious? To all of the members who participated, thanks again for sharing your creativity with us. We can’t wait to hear what literary inspiration strikes you next!