Located in the PENN 1 building alongside WorkLife Office Suites, WorkLife Meetings by Industrious is the premier destination in NYC for flexible meeting space — and offers the most varied selection of conference rooms at an Industrious site yet.

From the seamless check-in experience to amenities like high-speed, secure wifi and on-premise A/V controls, every aspect of WorkLife Meetings by Industrious is designed to facilitate how you work best.

Smaller conference spaces include Hub rooms for meetings of 6 to 8 people, as well as complimentary phone booths for one-off calls. For larger gatherings, the site offers medium and large conference rooms featuring sophisticated decor and state of the art technology. 

What’s more, members and guests will appreciate this location’s unique specialty rooms: a sound-proofed, upscale recording studio as well as a Pitch Room for presenting your next big idea.

Finally, when you need space for your next conference or large presentation, this location features three multi-function Assembly Rooms with high levels of customization for gatherings of up to 100 people.

Whether you need a place to meet deadlines, close the next big deal, or make a valuable new connection, WorkLife Meetings by Industrious has a solution for you. For a glimpse inside, swipe through the carousel below.

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