Situated at the center of New York’s liveliest transportation hub, WorkLife Office Suites by Industrious at PENN 1 has something for businesses of every size.

Boasting more than 100,000 square feet of adaptable office space and the widest variety of meeting and conference space in an Industrious location yet, there’s a lot to see and even more to experience.

Beyond the all-inclusive amenities you’ve come to expect, the building features additional perks to appreciate like a fitness center and spacious terrace seating to break up the day with some much needed fresh air.

For a glimpse inside, swipe through the carousel below.

A WorkLife Office Suites by Industrious common area featuring a long, light brown conference table and eight brown leather chairs.
A WorkLife Office Suites by Industrious common area with three U-shaped green leather couches.
A WorkLife Office Suites working area featuring multiple rows of black desks with grey dividers for visual privacy and grey mesh-back desk chairs.
The WorkLife Office Suites by Industrious kitchen area, featuring a long obsidian island table adorned by fruit, snacks, and flowers. In the background are black kitchen cabinets, coffee machines, a sink, and shelves for dishware and cups.
A WorkLife Office Suites by Industrious conference room with a glass window wall peering out into the building common areas and staircase.
The WorkLife Office Suites balcony terrace, decorated with planters for small trees and greenery, and brown wood benches. The terrace overlooks the city block around PENN1 in New York, with a clear view of sunbeams cast on the surrounding building and a blue sky filled with clouds.