Known as the Sunshine City, St. Petersburg lies along Florida’s gulf coast, near Tampa. In fact, it’s just three blocks from Tampa Bay that you’ll find Industrious 200 Central Ave., a flexible workplace provider set in the tallest office building in Pinellas County. Within that same distance you’ll also find more than 80 restaurants and bars, seven major museums, and nine hotels.

Inside, Industrious 200 Central Ave is equipped with everything you need to do your best work. Office supplies, unlimited color printing, and mail and packaging services are available to members, as well as perks designed to turn a good day into a great one: a complimentary New York Times digital subscription; craft coffee, rotating breakfast, and afternoon snack; happy hours and member events; and a private wellness room that can be used by nursing mothers, for meditation, and more.

For a glimpse inside, swipe through the carousel below.

Suites at Industrious 200 Central Ave. afford views of downtown Tampa.
The cafe and kitchen, where members can grab coffee and breakfast in the morning.
Members can book conference rooms like this one, which come equipped for presentations or video calls.
There are plenty of shared spaces where members can meet each other or gather with their teams.
Phone booths by Room are specially designed to be soundproof and private.
Plants — which have been shown to reduce stress — can be found throughout the workplace.
This wellness room contains a comfortable chair, mini fridge, and sink, and can be locked for privacy.