Elastic, an enterprise search company with 30+ offices worldwide, was looking to scale at a rapid pace.

On the one hand, they were ramping up recruiting and onboarding; on the other, they were looking to prioritize employee work experience. They were seeking a solution that would adapt to their growth and build a collaborative work culture where employees could thrive.

Industrious’ Dedicated Suite allowed Elastic to customize a regional hub with the option of additional modifications to their workplace according to future needs. Each employee has access to open spaces and standout amenities and programming that encourage connectivity among an expanding team, many of whom are new hires or just returning to the office after COVID-19. In addition, Industrious was able to build out its supply in the market to meet Elastic’s needs quickly and efficiently, leveraging a streamlined design and deal process to deliver another full floor in the same building.  As a result, Elastic was able to grow their headcount in a manner that innovated on their existing flex strategy.

The Challenge

With a push to expand its iCloud business in the United States, Elastic’s headcount growth was ambitious, yet undetermined when looking at a  5-10 year horizon. The team needed flexibility instead of having to commit to a traditional lease and a partner to outsource the workplace design and construction.

Elastic also had a philosophy of supporting employees –  a largely distributed workforce– with whatever they needed, wherever they were to be their best selves. A pulse check survey found that they were eager to get back to the office after working mostly remote during the pandemic. “People were saying that ‘I learn so much quicker when I’m near someone to ask questions, get inspired by others, and to be able to talk to my manager directly,’” says Terese Gross, Global Workplace Experience Director at Elastic.

Ultimately, this called for the quick implementation of a regional hub  in Austin where there was a high concentration of tech talent, new hires, and leaders. “The thinking [was] that as you bring on people and onboard them quickly, you need to make sure they’re set up for success by allowing them to continually collaborate. We needed a home base to do that,” says Gross.

The Solution

For Elastic, speed and agility were big priorities, and Industrious’ Dedicated Suites allowed the company to set up locations in different cities in an accelerated turnaround time while allowing them to add/move to larger space as needed without penalty.  Saving time and resources on implementing this new site enabled Elastic to focus on the future of its business – and less on facilities management.

As the company progressed, personalization was also key. A people-first company, Elastic didn’t want a ‘rinse and repeat’ solution for every office location. “All of our spaces range in shape and size, depending on what the needs are of the particular area” says Gross.  Elastic’s Austin office, which spans an entire floor, underwent a recent remodel to accommodate more desks and phone booths. “The people at Industrious have been really open to feedback, open to letting us customize our space… And it’s starting to feel like an Elastic space, and that’s what we’re hoping for in all of our locations,” says Gross. “We want people to feel the product and the brand within our space.”

Safety and comfort were also considerations for creating a workplace where employees want to be. With ample room – around 55 to 60 square feet per person – employees can social distance  and not feel crammed. Elastic provides masks, temperature checks, seating capacity limits, and rapid tests onsite at all locations.  Industrious’ safety protocols, including professional-grade cleaning, gave team members a sense of security that they weren’t putting themselves in harm’s way if they chose to come to the office.

The Benefits

Elastic’s Dedicated Suite was a constant in an era of uncertainty. Since the start of the pandemic, capacity has been measured with occupancy sensors and a desk booking solution and has returned to a maximum 50% almost every day in  the Austin office. “That says something to people – that they really enjoy a place where they can come to that is safe and well taken care of,” says Gross.

It also helps that a warm welcome is standard among the Industrious staff. The high level of service means that team members may know an employee’s snack preferences or availability for happy hours or help out with guest requests.

A sense of community is another benefit. An open kitchen space, café seating, good food and beverage, and events programming created a place where employees can interact and strengthen ties, a crucial need for a company still getting off the ground. 

With the abundance of new hires and a workforce just returning to the office, Industrious’ Dedicated Suites also helped foster team cohesion and build an organizational culture that bolsters worker productivity and personal well-being. “The office is a place that serves as a social anchor for people and for re-energizing,” says Gross. “We don’t want our employees to have the thought that ‘Oh, they only want us heads down working’… But we want people to take in the importance of our Source Code’s Time, Space to recharge and spark creativity – we want to provide them a space to do that with their colleagues in a frictionless way.”