Humans are social creatures. Our brains are designed to collaborate, innovate, and inspire. But if we don’t have access to spaces that encourage us to do so, we can quickly become weighed down by the bustle of daily life.

On the other hand, a productivity-focused culture drives many people to grind, grind, grind without taking a breath. All that work to stay afloat adds up, both in terms of finances and mental strain. 

But what if you could combine productivity with community? The benefits of coworking spaces provide that exact mix with access to all the amenities and professional resources you need to stay ahead of the game. 

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a model of work where individuals, teams, and larger groups of workers and entrepreneurs operate out of a communal office space managed by a third party. 

Unlike conventional offices, where you only work with your coworkers from one specific business, coworking spaces allow visitors to share communal areas, lounges, kitchens, and more. Likewise, coworking spaces often feature unique amenities like fitness spaces, comfortable furniture, internet access, and recreational areas. 

In coworking offices, you can work alongside your own team but also people from other businesses and groups. As the New York Times discusses, this environment allows unique communities to form that may be more limited in a traditional office environment. A wider network of professionals can connect over things they have in common, like being working parents, making the day-to-day of work more enjoyable, but also creating the potential for new business opportunities and innovations.

What are the Benefits of Coworking?

If there’s one thing that the past several years have taught workers, it’s to expect the unexpected. Coworking allows workers to take their schedules and goals into their own hands to fit an ever-changing, chaotic global society. The top benefits of coworking, like those below, establish this model as an excellent choice for remote workers and businesses of any size.


Traditional office spaces can cost a pretty penny to rent and operate. On the other hand, coworking spaces are a cost-effective alternative that allows businesses and individuals to use the services they need at a minimal cost. Memberships are typically flexible, featuring options for monthly or hourly rates based on a person’s needs. 

Networking Opportunities 

The collaborative and open environment of coworking spaces brings together professionals from a myriad of industries. There are ample opportunities for visitors to network and connect with others.

Your next business partner might be working next to you in a coworking space. It is very common in coworking offices for people to have specific questions that can be answered by someone sitting nearby.

Increased Productivity

A focused, dedicated space to work fosters creativity and motivation. Coworking spaces include everything a business needs to host productive meetings, work and brainstorming sessions, and even fun, team-building activities. 

While a standard office space may offer few resources and spaces to live and work, a coworking space isn’t held back by any particular business’ limitations. That means more room for the benefits workers expect and need. 

Even seemingly simple choices like lots of natural light, high-quality air, and easy access to water and nourishment can significantly impact productivity levels.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Flexible scheduling options help individuals and businesses fit coworking space time into even the busiest days. No more struggling to find adequate space to meet or buckle down – you get access to the resources you need when you need them. 

Likewise, the ability to step away from the keyboard and participate in other kinds of workplace activities leads to more opportunities to rest and recharge. That means an equal work-life balance for everyone.

And, with some two-thirds of employees reporting a preference for hybrid work models, it’s essential to find solutions that are as flexible as a coworking space. Allow workers to come and go while managing other responsibilities in life to break the boundaries of what it means to be successful. 

Access to Amenities

Coworking spaces often provide access to amenities such as high-speed internet, printing, and conference rooms, which can be expensive to set up in a traditional office. Business and individual workers can access these amenities hassle-free. 

Coworking spaces also typically have an office manager who ensures that the coffee is flowing and the printers aren’t jammed. No more maintenance or run-down equipment to stay on top of – instead, you can focus your time and attention on what matters most. Some coworking offices even bring in extra perks, like a yoga teacher who can stop by and lead everyone in a brief midday stretch.

As the working world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, employees now expect quality workspaces as they return to in-person work. Many businesses are finding that coworking spaces deliver that “quality” through a unique mix of design, amenities, and workplace experience.

Healthy workspace changes like wellness rooms, nutritious food options, and comfortable seating reimagine what it means to work. Brains and bodies stay sharper when their needs are met, and amenities like these make it possible to motivate workers all day long.

Enhanced Professional Development

The best coworking spaces offer various learning opportunities, such as workshops, events, and seminars, which can enhance professional development. Having access to professionals from all walks of life can likewise enhance a person’s professional skills and experiences.

For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to learn about making an online course but never carved out the time for it. If you go to a coworking space, then you might come in one day to find that someone who works in the same office came to offer a free “skill share.”

Sense of Community

Coworking spaces foster community and belonging, creating a supportive environment for individuals and businesses. Especially for freelancers and remote workers, this can offer them that friendly office connection that they might feel is missing.

A sense of belonging at work can significantly affect work satisfaction and productivity levels. That means that community has as much of a practical purpose as a social purpose. But it’s challenging to encourage socialization and bonding in a space that’s quite literally designed to put up walls between workers. 

Coworking spaces often feature an open, dynamic floor plan that makes collaboration and joint learning experiences the new norm. And, with resources available to anyone who needs them, a strong sense of equity and inclusion permeates these workspaces. 

How Industrious Can Help

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