Instacart: Now Coming to Industrious 

As leaders in office hospitality, we’ve observed something noteworthy about workplace habits: the best way to increase in-office presence is to provide workers with the amenities that make their days better and want to go in.

Among all our amenities, our food and beverage offerings consistently rank as the most cherished. In fact, our members declare this to be their number one favorite aspect of working from our locations. The data proves this is more than just sentiment and actually has an impact on in-office attendance too. For example, on days when we enhance our food and beverage setup, member foot traffic increases by an average of 55% – so yes we know, our mouthwatering watermelon, feta, and mint salad afternoon snacks, along with our awe-inspiring happy hour charcuterie boards, are a huge hit!

All of this is to tee up our excitement to share with you and announce our new partnership with Instacart, specifically Instacart Business, which will make our food and beverage offerings even better.

All around the country workplaces are struggling to get their teams together and into the same physical spaces. At Industrious, we believe that the best way to encourage the kind of creativity and productivity that only bringing teams together can achieve means putting in the effort to make workplaces a desirable destination. A big part of that is helping people get what they need when they need it.

Instacart, a household name and the leading grocery technology company in North America, collaborates with over 1,200 national, regional, and local retail banners, to facilitate online shopping, delivery, and pickup services from a staggering 80,000 stores on the Instacart Marketplace.

Those familiar with Instacart are well aware of their exceptional service and user-friendly platform. Instacart consistently goes above and beyond for customers across a wide range of retailers making them an ideal partner for Industrious. 

Instacart Business will cater specifically to the needs of your workspace, ensuring that everything from artisan cheese and chocolate truffles to printer paper (and everything in between) is taken care of. Instacart Business will keep your team running smoothly and ensure your employees are well-fed and productive by providing the technology to connect your office to a personal shopper for same-day delivery.

Our partnership with Instacart marks an expansion of our food and beverage offerings. Rest assured, the beloved charcuterie board isn’t going anywhere! We will continue to provide our regular food and beverage options, including breakfast items like pastries, bagels, yogurt, and eggs, as well as prepackaged snacks for the afternoon. And of course, our coffee, sodas, sparkling water, and other soft drinks will be available throughout the day.

Whether it’s inviting a local vendor to serve regional specialties at lunchtime, creating a breakfast buffet featuring a variety of cereals, or hosting a micro-brewery tasting for happy hour, our aim is to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience that ensures our guests feel welcome, productive, and satisfied throughout their day.

Keep an eye out for exciting ideas from our team, ranging from “How to Create the Best Charcuterie Plate to Win New Business” to “The Five Office Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed,” as we embark on this journey with Instacart Business.

As a company that recognizes the power and significance of excellent service, we are thrilled to offer our guests a new way to experience our unwavering dedication—and to extend that dedication to their teams and visitors.