Step inside one of Brooklyn’s most innovative and creative buildings, and you’ll find Industrious Williamsburg, one of our newest locations.

There’s no better coworking space in Brooklyn for anyone who wants to experience the area’s charm and work minutes away from the action. Let’s explore everything that makes this location such a lively environment for busy professionals.

Where is Industrious Williamsburg?

Located at 356 Wythe Avenue, Industrious Williamsburg rests between the intersections of S 3rd St. and S 2nd St. It takes up the third floor of one of the only two new raw timber buildings developed in Williamsburg in recent decades. Its prime location is within walking distance from dozens of shops, restaurants, and public transportation options, meaning you’ll never have to look far for the essentials you need for a great day of productivity. 

More specifically, this Industrious location is nestled just northwest of the heart of South Williamsburg. This thriving community has grown into one of Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods, boasting easy access to the East River, parks, and gorgeous architecture. 

Just a block away from Industrious, you’ll find the Williamsburg waterfront and beloved Domino Park. Look to the south to spot the Williamsburg Bridge, or stop by one of the many nearby coffee shops and high-end retail destinations. When you’re at Industrious Williamsburg, you’re just a few paces away from rich cultural experiences and the best that Brooklyn has to offer. 

What Workspaces Are Available at This Location?

Industrious Williamsburg delivers the best workspaces to fit any business or individual needs. From private offices to flexible coworking spaces and on-demand meeting rooms, Industrious Williamsburg has what you need to get things done. 

From the moment you set foot in its lobby, Industrious Williamsburg brings the rich earthiness and warmth of the region to its design. Wood tones, modern furniture pieces, and large windows welcome the city’s vibe right into your workspace. Pops of green from plants located throughout the floor add some extra life to the clean, minimalist look of each work area. 

Navigating past the reception area and the plush seating of the entry lounge, visitors get their first glimpse of the location’s phone booths and workstations. Nearby is the cafe and lounge area, which is equipped with tables, chairs, and a functional snack and coffee bar. It’s the perfect place to enjoy lunch, take a brain break, or catch up with your fellow Industrious members. The bulk of Industrious Williamsburg is taken up by dedicated workspaces of varying sizes. Teams of all sizes can enjoy the location’s smaller, private offices, as well as its larger suites and meeting rooms, each complete with all-inclusive amenities that come with every Industrious membership. Need to take a load off? Stop by the Focus Room or Wellness Room to meditate, get some quiet time, or just unplug for a bit.

But you don’t have to be physically in the office to enjoy all that Industrious Williamsburg brings to the table; virtual memberships and access to on-demand event or meeting spaces create opportunities for remote workers to get in on the action, too. 

While you’re visiting Industrious Williamsburg, you can enjoy access to benefits like:

  • Access to food and beverages: coffee, tea, snacks, etc.
  • Exclusive access to networking events, workshops, and member events
  • 24/7 building access
  • Unlimited color printing
  • Mail and packaging services
  • And much, much more!

What’s Special About the 360 Wythe Building?

While Industrious Williamsburg can be found at 356 Wythe Ave., it’s part of what’s known as the “360 Wythe Building.” This standout masterpiece is the first brick-and-beam building to be built in NYC in nearly a century. Its top floor, the third floor, is the home of Industrious Williamsburg. Beneath that, you’ll find more office space and several floors dedicated to retail. 

Besides being unique aesthetically, the 360 Wythe Building was built with sustainability in mind. The wooden beams that make up its structure are made with raw timber from sustainably-managed Canadian forests. New building technology has allowed its builders to utilize engineered wood that makes use of more viable tree fibers than ever – that means far less wood waste. The choice to rely on wood production is intentional, too; using wood creates significantly less carbon dioxide emissions than using concrete or steel. 

The developers couldn’t have chosen a better spot for a classic brick building. The nearby streets are lined with historic brick homes of their own, shaped by generations of immigrants, artists, and musicians who have made Williamsburg what it is today. Modern additions like a renovated lobby, a fully ADA-compliant design, and 24/7 security help the building fit seamlessly into today’s world. 

The best part? 360 Wythe is dog-friendly, and so is Industrious Williamsburg. That’s right – your furry friends can join you as you work and explore this bustling Brooklyn neighborhood!

What’s Near Me When I’m Working at Industrious Williamsburg?

You’ll only need to walk within a few blocks of Industrious Williamsburg to find exciting shopping, food, and beverage vendors to spice up your day — such as a neighborhood staple Sunday in Brooklyn. The nearby Whole Foods is a great place to stop for a snack, a drink, or some fresh fruit. Head over to the local Devoción to pick up a coffee or take a quick trip to The Domino gourmet market. 

When it’s time to take a break from working and enjoy the city, stop by one of the many retail establishments that line the neighborhood’s streets. Apple, Sephora, Aesop, and all kinds of other brands you know and love are only minutes away. If you’re willing to take a bit of a longer trip, check out Union Square, which is an approximately 20-minute subway ride away. 

As you take in the sights and sounds, you’ll quickly find that Industrious Williamsburg is surrounded by an area that’s like nowhere else in the city. Everything and every place has a story, an energy, and a purpose.

A work lounge at Industrious Williamsburg in Brooklyn

What’s the Commute Like?

Getting to and from Industrious Williamsburg is easy, whether you prefer to travel by car, ferry, or train. Parking for personal vehicles is available at the 321 Wythe Building for an hourly or monthly fee. Meanwhile, nearby ferry stops can be found 0.4 miles away at the North Williamsburg Ferry or 0.5 miles away at the South Williamsburg Ferry. The Bedford L Train, Macy JMZ Train, and Metropolitan Lorimer G Train are all less than a mile away from our location. 

Even if you choose to walk or bike, navigating the community is fairly straightforward. The streets are predominantly flat, not overly crowded, and easily accessible. Likewise, bus transportation into the area from different parts of the city can be accessed via stops near the Williamsburg Bridge or directly outside Industrious. 

How Can I Visit Industrious Williamsburg?

If you visit Industrious Williamsburg as a non-member or as part of a tour group, you’ll have to ring the intercom (and press “3”) to access the building. Otherwise, members with access will receive a fob to enter. Once you’ve walked inside, you can take one of the building’s elevators to the top floor to find our location.

There’s no better way to get to know Industrious Williamsburg than to see it for yourself. Take in the view, check out our amenities, and discover what makes an Industrious workspace an integral part of your workflow. Come visit us today at Industrious Williamsburg to witness this beautiful new space in action!


Siobhan Brier is a writer, editor, and translator. She has been a digital nomad since 2019, predominantly in Latin America.