Industrious, the largest premium workplace provider in the U.S., has announced new partnerships with leading service providers to deliver a range of health, wellness, and lifestyle services while members continue to work from home. These partnerships are a key component of Industrious’ COVID-19 response program Continuous, which is designed to deliver sustainable work-from-home solutions while also helping companies prepare for their eventual return to the workplace.

Industrious members can access free or discounted services to support their day-to-day work and life, including: free professional online counseling with a licensed therapist through BetterHelp; online access to doctors and health coaches through Parsley Health; and functional music developed by scientists to support concentration, relaxation, and sleep through

“Industrious is a company that will go to the ends of the earth to make things a little better for our members, and our partners in Continuous share our belief that this commitment only grows stronger when times get tough,” said Jamie Hodari, CEO and co-founder of Industrious. “Since the pandemic began, we’ve continually engaged with members to identify how to make the most of working from home, and these partnerships reflect those discussions.”

The new benefits have been specially curated to reflect Industrious’ commitment to delivering a great workday for members, even if it means going beyond the four walls of the company’s spaces. Other member benefits include products, services, and discounts from companies including Care/of, TaskRabbit, KiwiCo, and more.

“With mental health being more important than ever right now during this uncertain and challenging time, we’re excited and proud to be partnering with Industrious to provide their members with access to our professional counseling services,” said Katie Hoopes of BetterHelp.

“The most important thing we can pay attention to right now is caring for our health and for our community. Bolstering our physical and mental wellbeing while at home is essential to recovering and returning to life stronger,” said Dr. Robin Berzin of Parsley Health. “This is why Parsley Health is thrilled to partner with Industrious to provide the best possible medical care to their members through our telemedicine services, so that no matter where they are during this critical time we’re there to support them and their community.”

“ is proud to partner with Industrious as we both empower people to be productive whether they’re in the office or working from home,” said Steve Montoya of “Especially now, it’s important that we come together to give the community tools to not skip a beat.”

Continuous is designed to help Industrious members navigate COVID-19 related complexities by making working from a home a more productive, engaging and less isolating experience.