Big changes are afoot.

We’re excited to share that Breather, the leading platform for on-demand meeting rooms and a subsidiary company of Industrious, is merging with Deskpass, one of the largest networks of on-demand flexible workspaces, to create the ultimate marketplace for finding and booking spaces on-demand.

“It’s Airbnb for workspace,” Industrious Co-founder and CEO Jamie Hodari tells Business Insider. The move empowers modern businesses and workers by giving them the flexibility to snag workspaces by the hour or day, as their needs require.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Industrious acquired key assets of the Breather in 2021 to evolve our products, booking process, and tenant experiences
  • Now, Breather is merging with Deskpass to create the ultimate solution for finding and booking offices, meeting rooms, and workspaces on-demand
  • The combined networks of Breather and Deskpass now offer tens of thousands of options for on-demand spaces in more than 200 markets 
  • Industrious, Deskpass, and Breather are now ideally positioned to shape the future of the on-demand flexible workspace marketplace.

On-demand workspaces are a rapidly growing segment of the flex workspace industry — something we know all too well at Industrious.

Back in 2021, we acquired key assets of Breather to cater to a rapidly-changing working world. The rise of hybrid and remote work prompted many businesses to question their long-term financial investments in corporate HQ offices, some for the first time ever. At the same time, employees bristled against the limits of working from home, and clamored for flexible options that were closer to home and gave them the tools to support their best work.

It was the right move at the right moment. Breather elevated our core product and member experiences to a whole new level. In the last two years, Breather has grown by 10 times, which has led us directly to the moment we’re at now.

Breather is merging with Deskpass

Combining the market leading expertise of Breather and Deskpass, the merger creates a diverse network that now boasts 2,000 workspaces across 200 markets in the US, and caters to more than half a million users.

With tens of thousands of options to choose from, leaders can now bring teams together for work, meetings, and special gatherings and events all in locations much closer to where employees actually live.

There’s still a lot more to share about our plans for the future, but here’s what you can expect in the short-term.

Both Breather and Deskpass will continue to offer instant access to their incredible networks of spaces, allowing anyone to make immediate, one-off reservations for their short-term workspace needs. In addition, customers on both platforms will have the opportunity to leverage the flagship Deskpass solution, Deskpass Teams.

We here at Industrious couldn’t be more excited to be in such an ideal position to define and shape the future of the on-demand, flexible workspace market. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates.