In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees were working from home, and they dressed accordingly. Just look at the numbers: Sweatpants sales rose by 80% while clothing sales overall fell by 79% in April of 2020, according to the New York Times.

But things have changed considerably since the early days of the pandemic. With more than half the country now fully vaccinated, companies are putting return-to-office plans in motion, and people are beginning to trade in their casual clothes for work wear once again. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re pulling the same items out of their closet that they did before the pandemic.

To find out more, we asked three Industrious members to share what they’re wearing to the office these days.

Robyn likes to mix casual and more dressy pieces at the office.
Robyn loves combining classic pieces with interesting prints.

Robyn Young
CEO and Head of Brand Strategy at Robyn Young & Co. | Industrious Pasarroyo Member

What are you wearing to the office these days?

Most days you can find me in jeans and a blazer, or slacks with tennis shoes and crisp white T-shirt.

My style has always been a little more creative dressy — I try to mix and match interesting prints and classic pieces to keep my look from going too stodgy and corporate (always pairing blazers with distressed jeans or midi dresses with clean white tennis shoes).

But I’m also cognizant of my wardrobe going too far in the other direction. You will never see me in flip-flops or sweats at the office — that’s for the weekends.

Has your work style changed since the start of the pandemic?

I have noticed that my heels have gotten shorter. I used to rock stilettos every now and again to the office; now those are mostly reserved for special occasions, like a photoshoot.

I think my professional style has evolved a bit during the past 18 months too. I like to keep it fun and stylish, but also comfortable. I’m sitting or standing for long periods of time, so I simply won’t tolerate fussy clothing anymore no matter how posh it looks.

Do you have any tips on how to dress for work?

Because I’m in branding, I consider dress to be part of the picture. We see people before we [really] meet them and, at a coworking space, you’re amongst your peers, potential customers or partners, etc.

Pandemic aside, it’s important to be intentional about the impression you’re leaving people with. Also, I always appreciate an outfit that’s a little undone — meaning it’s not trying too hard and keeps me guessing.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes: The brands you wear are a reflection of the person you are and your values!

Kevin likes to dress comfortably, but be formal enough that he’s ready for anything.

Kevin Salmon
Founder of Proxxee | Member of Hana by Industrious Dallas Park District

What are you wearing to the office today?

Custom trousers from Apsley Tailors in London; Zara top; Alexander Mcqueen sneakers.

Has your work style changed since the start of the pandemic?

Honestly, my style is always evolving. I would say the only change happens to be [wearing] sneakers instead of loafers or driving shoes.

Do you have any tips on how to dress for work?

Yes — dress in a way that you will be comfortable in a meeting but also be ready to go on a date or dine out. In other words, no shorts and polos with sneakers.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

You never have to spend a fortune to look good.

Madelyn says it’s possible to bold and professional.

Madelyn Murgas
Event Marketing Manager at Klipsch Marketing & Advisors | Indianapolis Mass Ave. Member

What are you wearing to the office today?

Black boot-cut pants with slits at the bottom, a black bodysuit tank, and an oversized button down blouse, topped off with white, platform Converse sneakers.

Has your work style changed since the start of the pandemic?

I am in a new role now, but from before the pandemic until now, I’ve been in a role that required full business attire and a fully remote job, where I wore sweatpants every day.

It’s awesome to be able to have the flexibility (depending on the day) [to wear anything] from casual to business casual. I can have my own style and show a little of my personality.

Do you have any tips on how to dress for work?

You can make bold choices or try out new fashion and still be professional! I think the most important things are well-fitting clothes and mixing casual and dressy pieces.