To support growing businesses, Industrious partners with accelerators, investors, and VC firms to offer flexible workspace solutions to their portfolio companies. 


Here are the top three benefits of flexible workspace to a growing young startup:


1. Increased Flexibility 

Industrious offers flexible terms that allow companies to easily scale up (or down) as their needs change. The result is a cost savings of up to 15% compared to the traditional lease.


2. No Overhead or Fixed Costs

With Industrious, there are no large, upfront capital investments. Our turnkey office solutions and all-inclusive pricing mean businesses have fewer fixed costs and more cash on hand, so they can weather any storm.


3. Access to Community

Our flexible workspaces provide access to a supportive community of business professionals to work around, plus access to our nationwide network of 80+ locations across over 45 major cities. This means endless opportunities for members to network with others throughout their day and make meaningful business connections. 


Do you have a portfolio company that could benefit from our flexible workspace? Refer them today and when you do, they will earn one month free on a 12-month commitment and you can earn up to $5,000 in referral fees.