Since 1683, Philadelphians have gathered in Rittenhouse Square to work, dine, and shop. Today, this vibrant historic neighborhood is also home to Industrious Two Liberty Place, a newly-renovated shared workplace on the the 17th and 18th floors of a skyscraper that affords breathtaking views of the city. The location is home to spacious offices and suites as well as a wide range of premium services and amenities designed to help you and your team stay excited about coming to work. Step outside and you’ll find yourself in the center of the city’s premiere arts and culture hub, with attractions such as Rittenhouse Market, Philadelphia City Hall, and the Rosenbach Museum and Library all within walking distance.

Common spaces feature sleek wood furnishings and tons of natural light.
Phone booths create a convenient spot for calls, virtual meetings, and focus work.
A fully-stocked café helps members stay energized throughout the day.
Private offices overlook Philadelphia’s skyscrapers and historic landmarks.
Members can swap their office chair for a lounge chair when they need a change of pace.
Members can book conference rooms of various sizes for any type of meeting.
Small meeting rooms are great for a quick team huddle.