Historic Mill Avenue — with its many restaurants, bars, and shops — cuts through the center of downtown Tempe, Arizona. It’s here that you’ll find Industrious Mill Avenue, a flexible workplace with floor-to-ceiling windows that afford views of both the city and the desert. Tempe Beach Park, Salt River, and Tempe Butte all lie within walking distance, making it easy to get outdoors whether you need a little inspiration or relaxation.

Inside, a palette of dusky pinks and warm, inviting neutrals pick up the colors of the desert outside.
Cacti and other plants are placed throughout the location.
Members can take a break, network, or hold casual meetings in the location’s lounge.
A striking pink banquette makes for a comfortable and stylish lunch spot.
A private corner office overlooking downtown Tempe.
Conference rooms come with A/V equipment.
A rotating gallery wall holds works by local artists.