Our mission

Meet people where they are to deliver a better work experience.

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    160+ locations

    Members can work from Industrious locations all over the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Asia.

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    65+ cities globally

    Industrious’ international network helps connects teams spread across cities and countries.

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    #1 customer satisfaction

    Industrious has some of the industry’s highest member satisfaction ratings on Google and Yelp.

Thoroughly professional and thoughtfully designed, Industrious’ flexible workspaces support companies of all sizes and stages.

We believe that the right office can move a business forward by giving your team members spaces to focus and collaborate in — spaces that make them proud to come to work. Because your business is ever-evolving, we make it easy to adapt your space, whether you need room for one more or to open a new branch halfway across the country. And those thousand little, critical details that distract you from getting your work done — like making sure the Wi-Fi is fast and secure, or fiddling with the printer? At Industrious, they’re all part of the service.

Trusted by top companies — from startups to Fortune 500s

At Industrious, we’re building a new kind of workplace, one which puts employees’ needs at its center and empowers them to choose where and how they work.

Frequently asked questions


  • What is Industrious?

    Industrious is the leading workplace provider for companies of all sizes and stages. With a national network spanning 50-plus cities and the highest member satisfaction score in the industry, Industrious is uniquely suited to support your business’s needs today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.


  • How do I become an Industrious member?

    Book a tour at an Industrious near you to get started.

Services and amenities

  • What services and amenities are included in an Industrious membership?

    In addition to access to a fully-stocked café, wellness room, lounge, and other common areas, members also receive a wide array of complimentary services and amenities, including:
    • Daily Breakfast and Craft Coffee
    • Private Conference Rooms
    • Programming and Events
    • Fast, Secure Wi-Fi
    • Unlimited Color Printing
    • Office Supplies
    • Mail and Packaging Services
    • Professional-Grade Cleanings