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  • Strategic & Consultative. We take a tailored approach to every project, first and foremost understanding your asset and your goals. 
  • Collaborative. By working together and leveraging our complementary skills and expertise, we believe we can create even more value.
  • High-performing. With the best unit economics in the industry and a track record of successful execution, we drive the highest returns for you.

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Industrious partners with landlords to transform buildings into workplace destinations, changing how tenants interact with and value their workplace. 

This leads to:

Increased leasing activity

Rent premiums 

Higher returns 

Serve your tenants as they grow with fully-managed, private suites that free teams of 20+ from traditional space constraints.

Canvas Suites

50% of our landlord partners have more than one deal in the pipeline.

Our Products

Shared Workplaces

Drive rent premiums with turnkey offices and suites within our coworking spaces enhanced by shared amenities and services.

Carefully curated, world-class amenities with a custom management and activation strategy improve and increase community engagement.

Tenant Experience Management