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Stunning offices, inviting hospitality, and an inspiring community
Industrious Raleigh - office
Industrious Raleigh - office
Industrious Raleigh - office
Industrious Raleigh - office
Industrious Raleigh - office
Industrious Raleigh - office


  • Ultra Fast
  • Coffee Bar
    & Lounge
  • Beautiful
    Conference Rooms
  • Relaxation
  • Concierge
  • Inspiring
  • Local
  • Parties
Raleigh - area

The area

Nestled between the bustling Convention Center and the State Capitol

Fayetteville Street is downtown Raleigh’s hub of activity

Raleigh - building

The building

Work above City Plaza in the long-awaited Charter Square complex

Floor-to-ceiling windows with extraordinary views and LEED-Platinum certification

Raleigh - interior

The interior

Going far beyond a desk and a chair to deliver the perfect office

Sun-lit common areas, huddle spaces, a relaxation room, and a secret room

Raleigh - perks

The perks

Enjoy local Raleigh treats daily

Counter Culture coffee, artisanal pastries, fresh fruit, and local beer served daily

Our Raleigh Team

Valerie Jaffee

Community Manager

Valerie has a communications consulting background, and could spend all day chatting about diversity in entrepreneurship. With a vegetarian appetite in barbecue country, Valerie spends her time seeking out veggies, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing. She's got an MPP from Duke University and a BA/BS from UC Berkeley.

Owen Jordan

Community Coordinator

Owen has worked within the entrepreneurial community of Downtown Raleigh for almost 5 years. He has a heart for people all over the world and is the founder of a social good initiative called RESQD, as well as a former Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Maker. Owen spends much of his time doing portrait photography work around the world. He loves to longboard, play rugby, write and play guitar.

Rent a space

private office

Prices vary based on office size:

  • 1From $735
  • 2From $1050
  • 3From $1500
  • 4From $2025
  • 5+From $2450

Large offices


For 6+ person offices, contact us for pricing:


Rent a desk from $350

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