Welcome Welcome to the hive office.

A bright, flexible new office concept for freelancers, growing startups, and small businesses.

Concept The office, reinvented.

We're pioneering the hive office—communities of 1 to 10 person private offices with plenty of common space for companies to share, socialize, and collaborate.

Our goal? To offer you the privacy you need to be productive, but the community you need to stay invigorated.

Look Bright glass-walled private offices in beautiful loft spaces.

Think of your office at Industrious as a private, comfortable haven for you and your team – but right outside your office door, you'll find your favorite neighborhood coffeeshop.

Perks What you need to deliver on your ideas...

Blazing internet

Concierge service

Conference rooms

Mail services

...and dream up new ones.

Coffee bar & lounge

Evening lectures & events

Relaxation rooms

Collaboration space

Flexibility Stay as long as you want.

We know businesses need flexibility, so at Industrious, there's no long-term lease. Feel free to stay one month or the next 10 years.

Buzz You'll be in good company.

Industrious is a growing community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders. Scroll right to hear from some of them. Want more? Read about us here:

Henok Misgina Viggle

Our experience at Industrious has pretty much changed the way I think of what an office should be. No one expects warm and attentive customer service at the office, but that’s exactly what Industrious gives us everyday.

Gianna Scatchell Gruber & Scatchell

I’m devoted to helping startups and small businesses with their legal work, but that’s hard to do in isolation. Being surrounded by so many growing businesses has completely transformed my practice.

Greg Williams 3Binary

At Industrious I feel productive when I’m at the office, but I also feel good - partly because of the glass and bright, open spaces, and partly because the sense of community keeps me going.

Sue Chang Bone & Rattle

Industrious keeps in mind beauty and attention to detail in everything they do. As a designer, that makes all the difference to me. It inspires me, and in a certain way, helps me focus as well.

Locations We'll be there for you.

Come visit us in the heart of Chicago's River North - 320 West Ohio 3rd Fl. Coming Soon: Atlanta, Raleigh, Philadelphia and Austin.

Apply Ready to get some work done?

For more info you can also email us at  info@industriousoffice.com or call  312‑600‑5951