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5 Key Features of An Agile Workspace
(and why you can't live without them)

Hunting for new office space can be overwhelming, and not just because of the logistics. The real problems come with matching a space to your organization’s needs, and how those needs might change over time. 

Traditionally, this meant making educated guesses about the distant future of your organization, then signing a long-term lease with your fingers tightly crossed. Luckily, new approaches in office space development mean that you don’t have to leave the success of your office space to chance. 

These 5 principles will help you find the right workplace service provider, and quickly get down to business in the new office you’ve been working toward. 

1. Flexible leasing terms

 For decades, long-term leases were tied to stability and predictability—signs of health when the primary goal was steady growth in a relatively predictable economic landscape. In today’s economy, which is defined by technological disruption and the uncertainty that comes with it, agility is crucial.

That’s why companies of all kinds—from blue chip firms like Pfizer to new mainstays like Lyft—are working with workplace service providers to secure short-term, bespoke office space that can grow, contract, move, or be reconfigured based on the organizations’ real-time requirements.

2. Research-Driven Design

Happier employees are more productive and engaged, and can impact everything from absenteeism to share price. When it comes to employee happiness, the right office design is crucial.

A well-designed workplace starts with the right mix of open and closed spaces. These spaces are then tailored to the work your employees do, and how they like to do it. From there, furniture, decor, and lighting enhance employee satisfaction and signal your company’s professionalism and values to others. Get it right, and your workers will be more engaged, more communicative, and more attached to the organization overall. 

Workplace service providers live and die by their ability to design beautiful workspaces that foster better work. The best ones accomplish this while making sure your brand shines.

3. Employee-Centered Amenities

Attracting and retaining talent has as much to do with providing unrivaled experiences as it does top notch compensation packages. Locally-sourced coffee and food; easy access to gyms, locker rooms, and outdoor space; great cultural programming—today’s workforce wants it all. 

While it’s possible to manage all that in-house, it’s extremely time intensive to do right. That’s why more and more companies are turning to workplace service providers to do the heavy lifting. Want to truly stand out? Look for providers who prize true hospitality over gimmicks. Employees know when their needs are being taken seriously.

4. Cost Efficiency

You need security, WiFi, printing, phone service, and someone to call when the heater is turning the conference room into a Bikram studio. Getting it all a la carte is expensive, and dealing with multiple vendors can be a major drain on your resources. If those costs aren’t factored into your search, they should be. 

With workplace service providers, the basics are bundled into all-inclusive packages, so you get more for your money, and predictability when it comes to how much of it you’ll need to spend.

5. Location (and Co-Location)

A manageable commute is key, but employees only really notice it when it’s missing. To truly thrive, they need a location that offers access to outdoor space, cultural and shopping districts, and killer lunch spots. 

Workplace services providers do the groundwork for you by negotiating for large amounts of space in high-demand neighborhoods. They also offer a new location-based perk: proximity to other successful companies. By housing many tenants in one unified (but well-differentiated) build-out, providers like Industrious are building bigger communities, fostering deeper connections, and cultivating the next phase of innovation.

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